New Year Resolution: Get a makeover for your house!

by HDM Editor Team

A New Year is finally here. We as usual make New Year resolutions. What are your New Year resolutions? Giving your apartment an absolute New Year makeover is probably one of them. Since a New Year signals a new beginning, here are some easy and inexpensive ideas to get your “new” apartment.


1. Plan it out

Sit back on your sofa and relax while viewing your apartment. When you are browsing around, what do you think that it should be changed or could be better? It is always great to have a brief idea before you start your planning. Jot it down on a paper and calculate your budget. A makeover could be done wholly or just partially, depending on your budget and time. You do not wish to pass your New Year in an unfinished home, don’t you? You might wish to finish this area in this New Year and give the rest a makeover in the mid of the year. There are many different things you’ll have to think about before you start the house makeover. You might even need to buy some home insurance for building to make sure it’s protected in the event of an accident. Consider all of the different costs before you get started.

2. Rearrange and throw away the unnecessary

The most economical way would be simply rearranging your furniture. You will obviously notice the light pouring into your home after cleaning up the clutter that has been there over few years. Even if you wish for a massive makeover, it would be the first and foremost to-do task to give your home a new feeling yet. Open your jam-packed cabinets and drawers. It is not the right timing to ignore them. Get rid of the clutter now before you proceed yourself to read more.

3. Repaint your house

A coat of fresh paint could dramatically change how your apartment looks and feels. Consider the neutral light exposure that every corner has and pick your wall color wisely. You might want to choose warm and cheery color for your living room and soft pastel color for your bedroom. Besides, the lighting produces various effects too. You could either opt for incandescent lighting or fluorescent light bulbs. Of course, all these could not be based on your preference but also the functionality of your home space.

4. New additional furniture or decoration

Get your hands on some new furniture and fittings, if your budget is allowable. It is not necessary to be a large piece such as television or sofa. A new curtain or pot plant could do the similar effect too. A little greenery could unexpectedly fresh the air in your house with a small budget. Anything which is already not in good shape should be replaced. Keep in mind that it would make your apartment drab and dull.

5. Regular maintenance

Last but not least, you should get your place ready for a weekly schedule, in order to clean and maintain everything in place. It is the one and only method to keep your home a long-lasting New Year makeover.