Office @ Home

by Eugene Kok

Creating a working environment in your home is not hard, and as we move forward into an ever increasing digital age it is also becoming more and more common – and really, how hard can it be?

Creating a space that looks good and is functional is a simple case of applying some common sense, but there are a few things that you can do that will make the difference between a ‘wow’ home office and a ‘meh’ home office, and what makes these things even more important is the fact that these small design ideas/changes can have a huge impact on your productivity and overall state of mind.

Let’s take a look at some of the more obvious interior design ideas that you can employ as well as some slightly less obvious design trends that can really make your home office stand out.


I know what you are thinking; “Minimalism is just a buzz word that designers throw around so they can justify charging a lot for hardly anything at all” and to a point you would be correct.

But there is a lot more to the minimalist design approach than simply ‘taking something away’ \
A good minimalist design takes the workload into consideration and applies itself accordingly. If you are an interior designer then you would not remove the large ‘plan’ tables from your work area, and likewise, if you are a web designer then you may remove most of your table space and replace it with a bank of monitors or something. Whatever the case is, minimalism is a design methodology that incorporates the user and takes into consideration their day to day workload.

Cleanliness is next to Godlinesshome-office-2

And Godliness is right there next to productivity, so it goes without saying that the cleaner and more organised your workspace is, the more productive you are going to be.
It’s not rocket science either, keep the desktop free of c lutter (both desktops!) – and yes, ‘Facebook’ is clutter

Use Nature and Light Wisely

It is one thing to design a great home office space, but if you are not incorporating nature and natural sunlight into the overall design then it is all for nought.
When arranging your home office take into account the position of windows and or natural light that enters the room and try to maximise it where possible. It is also recommended that if you do not have a window in your home office you either get some indoor plants or even get a large poster of the natural world and put it in your wall.

These ideas may seem pointless but you would be amazed at how much your state of mind improves when you surround yourself with more natural colours and textures.
It is also a proven fact that using plants and nature increases oxygen levels in the office, decreases stress and improves the overall productivity of employees modern-home-office

Home Office Furniture

One of the most important elements to your new home office design is the furniture you decide to install/buy. Whether you choose expensive quality office furniture or cheap knock offs is entirely up to you. I will point out that in the long run you will save money by buying quality as it always lasts longer and let’s be honest, it makes you feel a whole lot better when you use it/sit in it/ etc
Of course now, thanks to the internet it is relatively easy to find affordable office furniture that is of excellent quality and covered under warranty, meaning you can now have the best quality office chairs and desks without breaking the bank.

Common Sense!

Yes that subheading totally deserved an exclamation mark, because common sense is becoming a relatively rare trait now-a-days.
When designing your layout and installing your home office just remember to think about obvious things like – how much room do I have to move around? Will I bang my arms on the bookshelf every time I stretch? Will the printer noise infuriate me because of where it is positioned? Do I have a good view of the door/window? Basically it comes down to asking the question:

Does My Home Office Feel Inviting?

Because if you can create a work environment that other people feel comfortable entering then you can be rest assured that when you walk in, you’ll feel comfortable too! Make sure you add something that adds a personal touch to the room. Just because it is an office you are decorating doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Incorporating something like custom bobbleheads would be a talking point for whoever visited. Whatever you do decide to add, just be sure it represents you as an individual. If you feel comfortable in your office, so will everyone else.