Sizing Up Your Room

by Eugene Kok

Recently my friend Jeff, just obtain his first house key from developer, and with the normal woes of most house buyers in metropolitan area, he does have the same problem with the layout. Limited to a buildup of 900 sqft with 4 small rooms, there is not much that one can do. Small rooms are the bane of many houses, but there are tricks to make a tiny room feel larger.  You’ll finally be able to get your home looking the way you’ve always wanted. Optical illusions aren’t just the stuff of magic shows. With these tips and ideas, you can fool visitors and even family members into thinking a room is actually larger than real life.

Embrace Pastels and Light Colors

Even if you love dark colors, it’s best to use them as accessories rather than a dominant theme. The fastest way to open up a space is to paint and decorate with light, airy colors that make the room look larger.


Use Natural Light

Shadows make a room feel closed off, but natural light will make it feel spacious. Make full use of windows by minimizing window treatmentsand making your interior room feel more connected to the space outside. If your view is bad, then improve it with flowers and potted plants near the window.


Less is More

When working with a small space, you really want to minimize furniture, accessories and other decorative items. When every inch counts, you don’t want to surrender any space to items you don’t positively love. Eliminate as much clutter as possible to open up the space and make it feel more welcoming.

Functional Furniture

When you have limited space, you need to make the most of what you have. Choose dining room benches with storage areas underneath them instead of regular chairs. Opt for a raised couch with space underneath for storing books or other items. Look for coffee tables that have shelves and drawers for keeping items tucked neatly out of sight.


Scale it Back

The furniture you bring into the space should fit nicely. If a full-size sofa will fill the room from one wall to the other, then opt for an elegantloveseat. Don’t choose chairs with bulky, ornate legs and feet that take up extra space. If your room is small, then a simple chair with straight legs is a better choice.

Invest in Built-In Furniture

Have you ever looked at your home and felt that there’s a lot of wasted space under the eaves or in other areas? Building furniture into the walls is an easy way to get the storage you need while also maintaining floor space. Consult with a local carpenter if you aren’t confident about tackling the job yourself.

Go Vertical

Even when floor space is limited, you may have plenty of wall space. Create more storage by installing shelves on the walls. They provide you with a place to how off your favorite items, large pieces of furniture can go beneath them, and they carry the eye up visually to make the space feel roomy.


Keep Floors Open

Whenever possible, keep the floors open by choosing furnishings with raised legs. A better choice in small bathrooms is to attach the cabinets to the walls and leave the space along the floor completely open. You will have the storage space you need, and the room will feel larger when more of the floor and baseboards are visible.

Use these tips to open up those tiny spaces and make them feel larger. Whether you want your child to enjoy a more open feeling in his bedroom or you are struggling with a tiny bathroom, these decorating tips will help you visually expand the room and make it more luxurious.

P.S to Jeff and Joyce: Congrats on your new house ^^