SOHO Apartment in Bangsar South Is Beautifully Transformed into a Modern & Airy Haven

by Candyse

A studio apartment like this one in Bangsar South can be rather drab and lonely for one person but Fabian Tan Architect has managed to work their magic on this residence to make it look lovely and airy. This gorgeous one-bedroom SOHO apartment has been refurbished entirely inside to create a modern home that will fit a young lady owner and her two cats easily.

Although there isn’t much space in this home seeing as it’s only a SOHO, the architect has transformed it into a spacious and bright residence using simple lines and white as its backdrop. The downstairs houses the tiny living area, kitchenette and a working space that has everything the young lady needs and it is made to look even bigger thanks to the double-height volume.

In the main entrance which uses glass sliding doors, natural light is allowed to stream in to illuminate the apartment. This glass rises to a double-height volume so that more light can enter the home. A simple couch, potted plants and a quirky painting greets visitors, giving it a playful and modern feel when they enter the home. The dark floors contrast nicely with the white ceilings and walls for a sophisticated look.

The kitchenette comes with a handy countertop for eating and working, depending on the owner’s needs and is done entirely in white except for the granite countertop and black hob. However, the kitchen appliances in pretty, bright colours add visual interest while the contented kitty is the icing on top of the home interiors cake!

Upstairs, the cosy bedroom is open plan and minimalist, with the comfy bed dressed in similarly bright hues for a splash of colour in the sea of whiteness that undoubtedly looks gorgeous. This proves that it doesn’t take much to beautify a home, no matter how big or small and Fabian Tan Architect has once again hit the nail on the head with Trifle Apartment.

All images are taken from Fabian Tan Architect’s website unless otherwise stated.

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