Sound Style: 8 Gorgeous Speaker Designs

by Vanessa Surian

In a continuing quest to beautify our homes, every belonging should be examined. Talented designers the world over have created beautiful versions of objects we may not think of as designer. Here are 8 beautiful speaker designs, for you to listen in style.

1. The glossy black, trumpet like appearance of this design comes from the aptly named Avantgarde Acoustic company. The design is reminiscent of a modern sculpture, and would look as well as sound amazing in any home.

2. Covered in dyed New Zealand wool felt for dampening, this piece is flawless in its details. Stitching lines the wool surface, and the wood is a beautiful contrast for the color. You can bet the audio is great too, and is made by Well Rounded Sound.

3. Designed by Joon and Jung, this handcrafted beauty is made of natural materials. The design is unmistakeably unique with the cast clay construction giving the audio a beautiful resonant tone.

4. Designed by Morteza Faghihi, this wall of sound looks like a design feature. They can be installed in the desired configuration, placed to enhance not only audio appreciation, but design. These wall mounted beauties can add glamor to your sound system.

5. Made completely of sustainable green materials, this modular system can be pumped up by linking many of these little speakers together for a full sound system, or reduced for simple desktop use. They can also be used to plant tiny greenery – as can be seen by the little bonsai trees in the image above. This is the Sound Garden concept, with an innovative design from JVC.

6. These largeĀ  speakers from Ferguson Hill, may look like a designers dream, but they are also built to the highest standards of audio clarity and dynamics. This is for the audiophile who loves good design.

7. Illuminated by an efficient LED light, these beauties will light up an outdoor party and give you something to dance to all at the same time. These lovely moon-like speakers can even float, making them a dreamy addition to pool parties. These were designed by Moonlight USA.

Highly exclusive Gramophone speakers: 1.2 metres high, carbon fibre and high gloss black steel loud speakers, designed by Swedish audio company Aesthesis.

8. The sleek glossy steel black of these audio beauties resembles a luscious pair of gramophones. This modern infusion into a classic form is stellar example of gorgeous avantgarde design. The designers are Swedish and called Aesthesis.

What are your thoughts on these stylish soundmakers? Let us know in the comments!

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