The Breathing House is A Peaceful Oasis in a Bustling City and Perfect For Nature Lovers

by Candyse

We have all heard about the benefits of having some green plants in your home so what else could be better than this unique house that is literally covered with greenery, providing a fresh breath of air to the residents in the home. Designed by VTN Architects and located in Ho Chi Minh City, the home is named the Breathing House, and it is a rather fitting name for it.

Situated on a 3.9m wide and 17.8m deep plot of land, the house is meant for a single family and although it is located in a high density neighbourhood, you will feel relaxed once you step into this calming sanctuary. In order to provide some privacy for the residents in the house, the architects covered the front, top and back of the house in a verdant green “veil” made of creeper plants that grown on a steel mesh.

This pretty layer also acts as an environmental diffuser which means it cools down the house by filtering the sunlightbut you don’t feel too isolated. Inside the house, it is bright and airy as well with lots of breathing space, just like its namesake. In addition, there are “micro voids” inside that have openings on each of the floors which act more like miniature gardens. These little open spaces means the people in the house have a more longitudinal and diagonal see-through view from everywhere so you’ll never get bored.

The house’s decor is very minimalist and neat, with mostly white and wooden elements used to keep it stylish and classic. The flooring is made of wood for a more comfortable walk in the house. Meanwhile, on the roof terrace, it becomes a space full of greenery in a bustling metropolitan which makes the Breathing House truly a peaceful oasis.

Obviously, due to its beauty, the Breathing House is a very popular place to live in Vietnam. It is not likely to be empty for a long time.

All images from Arch Daily unless otherwise stated.

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