This Energy Efficient House Has 2 Courtyards & Looks Really Unique with Its Exterior Industrial Design

by Candyse

At first glance, this house may look a little unusual to you but once you step inside and begin to grasp the beauty of the design, then you will understand why the architects made it this way. This energy-efficient house located in Japan is the brainchild of TAKiBI and looks like it’s two units joined into one as there is a diagonal roof and a flat, horizontal roof as well.

Actually, there’s a perfectly good reason for doing so as they have arranged two courtyards and the accompanying rooms as they wanted to make sure that it’s compatible with the orientation and angle of solar radiation, prevailing wind and surrounding buildings. This keeps the house cool and shady while allowing as much light as possible to enter the home.

Besides, the architects also made use of an air-conditioning system named “air aqua” which means that they rigged up an air conditioner and install it under the mezzanine floor with water packs set up under the LDK floor. This system has some advantages which means the owners can save energy and reduce their utility bills as well as making it more efficient and effective.

From the outside, the house looks rather industrial and unassuming but inside is another story altogether. The decor is simple and modern with wood being the main element used here. Exposed wooden beams add a polished charm to the place while little homey touches come in the form of art and pendant lamps to make things interesting.

The architects also designed the home to make it easier for the owners to interact with the neighbourhood since it is such a flat and linear structure. There’s an assembly room right next to the entrance so they can easily entertain guests there or in one of the two open courtyards that look really relaxing with a leafy tree and plants.

All images are taken from Arch Daily unless otherwise stated.

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