This House’s Design Was Inspired By The Abacus & It Looks Simply Sensational

by Candyse

We all know the abacus as a device for mathematical calculation but for this house in India, the designers, studioXS, were inspired by the traditional gadget and decided to use it to create an architectural delight. This is because the owner had rather paradoxical ideas and wanted the designers to overbuild on a small site. Thus, the designers decided to get their ideas from an abacus as they had to calculate their area really well.

One of the problems that they had to overcome is the issue of maximising the amount of light and ventilation in the house. Other than that, some of the designs were also inspired by the abacus, such as the safety screens interspersed in the house made of wooden pieces threaded on a metal rod that makes it look almost like a curtain.

The Abacus House is made up of three floors with calculations done properly so that it won’t feel cramped. On the ground floor, the courtyard is connected to the living room in a big, open space while on the first floor, minimal wall dividers are used so that more light can filter through to the center of the house. As for the second floor, there is a skylight on the balcony that allows plenty of natural light and air to stream through to brighten up the place.

A very interesting feature in this home is the use of some metals screens at the stairs that offers both privacy and makes lovely patterns too. That’s because there are cutouts on the screens and when sunlight or other light sources stream in, pretty, dynamic shadows are formed on the stairs.

The designers decided to use natural materials for the home’s decor as well with elements such as wood and stone being used while the rest of the furniture is kept simple and clean so that it looks simply classic.

All images from Arch Daily unless otherwise stated.

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