This Preserved Shophouse Has Unique Features Including A Stunning Spiral Staircase & Bulging Bathroom

by Candyse

This time, we are bringing you something different, which is a two-storey conservation shophouse that is unique and looking from the inside, you would never guess what surprises await you inside. This shophouse is located in a side street at Geylang and gently tilted towards the front.

Known as Spiral Simplicity and designed by Hyla Architects, this project has already won several awards thanks to its breathtaking designs. The architects decided to keep the cost minimal and make sure that the original shophouse was preserved as much as possible. In doing so, they introduced three new main elements which are a leaning spiral staircase, a two-storey rear extension (enclosing a courtyard), and new bathrooms. In fact, one of the bathrooms has a pregnant bulge that looks really distinctive which is enclosed by sheaths of grey-painted steel bars and aluminium strips.

One of the most eye-catching features inside the shophouse is the metal spiral staircase that is located in the middle of the shophouse which goes all the way up until the mezzanine attic study beneath a jack roof.  On the first floor, the living space, kitchen, bedroom and a small yard at the back is located. The house is designed to be completely open on the first storey and ends in a delightful bamboo court.

The jack roof allows the natural light to stream in gently through the shophouse and illuminates the space. More bedrooms are located on the second floor and the bulging bathroom is conspicuously unique here. It bulges because of a bathtub and basin set that is purposely made too large for the space to provide some visual interest.

This shophouse is truly a work of art that emphasises both the traditional shophouse elements as well as modernising the rest of the design to fit in with the current trends. It is truly a jaw-dropping residence that deserves the awards it was given.

All images from Hyla Architects’ website unless otherwise stated.

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