Timeless Interior Ideas

by Eugene Kok

Simplicity, sophistication and comfort never go out of style. When making a choice related to interior décor in our house, we normally strive for these aspects. It is possible to get sidetracked easily into buying the latest fashionable items for your bedroom or living room, but simple designs and colors never go out of style. Let’s admit it!

We all have made those fashionable/trendy purchases that take very less time to go out of vogue, long before we fully use them. Therefore, it is advisable to go for timeless interior decoration styles when renovating your house.

Classic styles never fail to survive the test of time! It not only gives your house a unique appearance, but also creates an everlasting scheme that can easily be updates periodically. You can always include newer accessories and accents to add a little spunk without wasting your money or time. You manage to get a home decoration style that combines elegance, comfort and function. Discussed below are some practical ideas you can incorporate into your home to make it timeless.

Balance Bright Colors with Neutrals

For a negligible cost of some painting supplies and one or two cans of paint, you can effortlessly create a perfect canvas for any décor idea you have in your mind for your home. Rooms that are already painted white gain a substantial boost in appearance from a fresh paint coat that cover dingy walls.

You should use a new subtle shade to paint the font wall of every room. On the other hand, if the walls were previously painted some color you want to get rid of, think about going back to the classic white. While new color can nuance to the existing furniture, white paint offers a clean, sophisticated look to a room.

Do you have an artistic flair? Why don’t you paint a border of ivy or grapevine according to your preference? Use stencils if you want to go for a polished look. Bright colors can also create an amazing effect. However, they can’t be fashionable if introduced in a tasteless manner.

It is always better to use a neutral base color and then enfold it with bright, richer colors carefully painted in strategic locations in order to create a timeless appearance. Brighter colors are perfect for adding an inviting element and warmth to the room. On the other hand, neutral colors offer a sense of permanence and longevity.

2. Faux Painting

With countless new application methods and products available you can effortlessly create a stylish yet timeless look to any piece of furniture or wall. Did you know that counter tops can also be easily painted? Renovating or decorating a house doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive, right?

How about a boring, plain wall transformed entirely with a coat of soothing cream paint rag rolled with a rich shade of shinny top glaze? Appealing… isn’t it?

Converting a dresser into an antique piece has never been this easy. Crackle finish is the answer to all your desires. Worried about the old laminate countertop? You can easily give it the real marble look by applying a few different shades of paint using a sponge applicator. Three to four coats of polyurethane (non-yellowing) can give your counter tops the durability they need.

You can get the full instruction set for such techniques along with the list of supplied needed at your local home improvement center.

 3. Achieve Simple Lines8698295144_74d6843d8a

When you are trying to incorporate everlasting interior decoration styles into your house, you need to understand that less furnishings is more! Classic styles basically rely on simplicity. They depend on simple lines that not only convey comfort, but also elegance.

Furniture must be stylish yet alluring. Keep the window treatments simple! Wooden furniture is your best bet, since it works well with any type of house décor. Not only is wooden furniture elegant and high-quality, but also ages beautifully, which adds to the sophistication of your interior.

The interior design of your house must be consistent with the architecture. Conflicting architecture and interior decoration cannot create the appeal you desire. Classic architectural styles entail wooden beams that pull the ceiling down, which gives your room an intimate feel.

Arched entryways are a perfect representation of sophistication, and the stone fireplaces and walls will add some texture to the room by either creating a focus point or an ideal contrast with the smooth, shiny wooden floor, mantle, or beam. Never forget to pay attention to these small elements when selecting decoration items for you house.

4. Use Molding

Molding can be obtained in a variety designs and widths. It is not only used for decorating the floor or ceiling, but also kitchen cabinets, door, etc. Dress your kitchen cabinets up with a few strips of molding applied to the edges like a frame. Add fresh paint to your cabinet-doors to give them an ageless appearance.

You can apply this technique to other plain doors in your house. How about using the same “framing” method to add some dimension to the walls? You can also use this technique to use molding on the wall at your bed’s head, which gives an illusion of a headboard.

5. Personalize with Rugs

Finishing touches are extremely important. For a classic, elegant style, you need to use some elements together. A Persian rug can be used to soften a wooden floor and add some color to the room. Greenery can help cool the environment while adding freshness to your interior.

A classic, timeless motif of carved cabinetry, metal accents, pewter trim, wooden stains or other pieces are the perfect depiction of European handiwork that always adds an ageless touch

Basics to timeless interior decoration styles are the combination of elegance, function and comfort. It is best to create a standard décor that always stays relevant when it comes to charm and appeal. It will definitely result in something gorgeous yet highly functional that you will cherish and will be proud of.