Try These Creative Methods If You Want to Design Your TV Wall

by Beverly

No, it’s not enough anymore to just plant your television set in its planned for space and hope it makes everything look better on its own! Don’t just settle for plain or bare, have a look at these ideas for your own home.

In a design concept that looks like a modern art installation, the actual TV is switched on to make sure you don’t think that the wall cabinets are TVs too! Wall-mounts and frames are in common use here, for that cool, futuristic floating look. With a giant white frame as the ultimate backdrop (with more behind it), more white frames line the TV set, wall cabinets, and topside of the drawers resting on the mint cream floors. A splashed white carpet gives a unique, high contrast to the mint cream walls, floor, and ceiling—alike the stylish high contrast of the licorice black furniture and books against the abundance of white. A pop of wood to prevent bleakness helps break the sterility of the design.

In a concept of lightness and plenty of wood, different types, grains, and colors of wood are used to prevent monotony and boredom to give the eye something to delight at every which way you look. Setting the TV against a wall of vertical lines in walnut oak offers a surprising nice contrast and continuity for the moving images on the screen. In fashionable fashion, the TV cabinet matches the wood used for the walls. A lovely pine wood coffee table and white cedar leaning chair denote the other wooden fixtures in the room. Perhaps this is the modern wooden cabin of today.

Pictures taken from Interior decorating ideas pro

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