Simple ways to decorate a vintage living room

by HDM Editor Team

You can try to design a vintage living room in your house if you are boring with its current design? Try to apply some living room decorating ideas that will we present to inspire you to do a little remodeling or just rearranging the living room you have.



Living room can get a dual function that is a place to relax. Although today’s modern minimalist style house which has a narrow space usually tricked by a narrow living room anyway, because it is rarely used. So it could have its own lounge behind the living room. Choosing living room decor does not necessarily have to adopt a modern style, antique style and classic or vintage can be applied for a comfortable and fits the style of your home. Elegant and classic style can be applied to the living room.


Supporting elements can be seen from the blend color are also quality furniture in the room. Beige color has always been able to look elegant when paired with a dark color or blend with the surrounding with gray. It will give an environment and condition of vintage living room as you desire.

Ethnic-style interior design is an art of architecture adopted from the characteristics of a particular culture. This style can be an inspiration for those who want to create the impression of antique and full of aesthetic values ​​in occupancy. To arrange shelter with ethnic concept, you do not need to pour ethnic interior design as a whole, but can be taken as a background, or one of the fields are highlighted as eye catching.


However, one must be in harmony with the texture of ornaments. Distinctive style ethnic nuances you can try show example in the living room. In addition to presenting ornaments such as furniture and accessories suitable for ethnic decor, you can also create ethnic style through color application. On ethnic-style interior design, color is commonly used neutral colors and earth tones: white, brown, or beige. So, you can try using colors such as white chocolate blends for ethnic arranging the living room in your home.

Blend the two colors will make the atmosphere feel at ease at once warm. Apply the color white as the primary color on the walls, ceiling, door frames, windows, and doors. The color cast is able to bring a fresh and airy impression. So, feel free to current occupants inside. Next you can use a brown color combination. Presents dark brown color to reinforce the theme of your ethnic stretcher such as on the parquet floor, sofa, arm chair, end table made ​​from wood, mirror frames and wall hangings carved. To add to the impression of a beautiful, maroon color insert for example through the existence of tapestry or painting typical ethnic interior decoration. By implementing all of this interior design tips, I guarantee that you will be succeed to make a vintage living room in your house.