You Can Live, Play And Work At The Nogix House Where Traditional Meets Modern

by Candyse

If you ever wanted to work from home easily but still be able to separate your work and home then this house in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam is one that can inspire you. Known as Nogix House and designed by nogix studio, this little block is transformed into a working space that is combined and made into a home as well.

They designed the house to be modern but still has an old Vietnamese flavour that makes it even more beautiful. At the front and back of the house, the balconies remain and are spruced up with some fresh, leafy green plants and a few chairs so that you can relax and watch the world go by.

One of the floors is done up in a residential style just like a home but on the top floor, it is made into an office. At the residential floor, there is a kitchen and dining area while a loft bed is added so there is an extra resting space for more people to live there. The decor here is more on the tropical side, with a quirky green pattern on the floor that looks rather old school in the communal area and more green plants.

As you continue walking in, you can spot the master bedroom that is separated by a narrow corridor and in here, the decor scheme is different. Neutral colours such as white, grey and brown are used with a mix of modern and rustic chic furniture for a calm and comfy look. The bed rests on wooden pallets for a minimalist style.

Wooden stairs lead up to the top floor, which is the working space where lots of glass windows are added for more natural light to come in the house. Everything is in one wide, open space with minimal decor but it still looks cosy thanks to the green plants in the area.

All images are taken from Happy Nest unless otherwise stated.

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