About Us

by Nicholas Chew

Launched in 2012, HomeDecoMalaysia.com has slowly growing to be one of the leading blog/magazine on home decor, home decoration and interior design in Malaysia. Aiming to provide the latest trend and information on home decorating and interior design to its faithful target audience, HomeDecoMalaysia.com has gathered a strong home enthusiast team constantly updating their audience with inspiring home decor articles and latest social media posts.

HomeDecoMalaysia.com is cater specially for those home decor enthusiast, interior designer and anyone who wish to decorate their home in a special and unique way which suits their respective lifestyles.

Due to overly popular demand of home renovation services in the market, HomeDecoMalaysia.com launched a second business unit, named DCO in 2020. DCO is created to help house owners to renovate their dream house by connecting them to well known home decor experts in the market through the platform.


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