Greener Together: Explore Sustainable Innovations with Taiwan Excellence at ARCHIDEX 2024

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If you’re passionate about incorporating smart, sustainable solutions into your home and everyday life, we have some exciting news for you! This year, Taiwan Excellence is again set to participate in ARCHIDEX 2024 with the theme “Greener Together.” This theme is chosen because it perfectly captures Taiwan Excellence’s mission to promote green, eco-friendly trends in our everyday lives through smart living applications.

Taiwan Excellence is a symbol of innovation and creativeness, and products that have the Taiwan Excellence recognition promise to bring the “Best Made in Taiwan” to consumers. During their exhibition this year at ARCHIDEX 2024, Taiwan Excellence will feature an impressive array of innovations that highlight the best of Taiwanese ingenuity and commitment to sustainability. Showcasing 11 award-winning brands, the Taiwan Excellence Pavilion is your go-to destination for discovering the latest green technology and smart living solutions.

Some exciting exhibits include eco-friendly and health-friendly coatings, innovative electrophoretic display solutions, smart ventilation systems and many more green living products. This year, HomeDecoMalaysia is honoured to be able to interview two exceptional brands that are awarded the Taiwan Excellence recognition, SAUBERAIR and HISS who provided us with exclusive insights into their ingenious products and how these can improve our quality of life.

1. Sauber Technology Ltd. (SAUBERAIR)

Sauber Technology Ltd. came up with the name SAUBERAIR which has a special meaning. The word Sauber means clean in German, hence SAUBERAIR means Clean Air, showing that the company is committed to developing affordable products that enable everyone to have access to clean air, specialising in the FLAT™ Air Purifier.

We spoke to Gary Yang, the founder and managing director of the company to give us a deeper understanding of the product and the brand:

Could you provide a brief introduction to your company and explain how SAUBERAIR differentiates itself to deliver unique experiences?

SAUBERAIR was founded in 2016. The founder, who suffered from severe upper respiratory tract allergies, could not find a satisfactory product on the market, so he decided to develop one himself.

The first generation of FLAT was released in 2019. It addressed several major concerns for consumers: space occupation, appearance, and the high cost of filter replacement. It achieved very good sales on Taiwan’s crowdfunding platform, and the first-generation product nearly sold out.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 soon followed, leading to border controls and supply chain disruptions that halted production and sales. It was not until two years ago that things slowly returned to normal.

Tell us more about your featured product, including consumer benefits, target market, selling points, advantages, and price range. What makes it special?

The most obvious feature of FLAT is that it is completely unlike a traditional air purifier. It transforms into a beautiful hanging painting that blends into home decor. FLAT combines an air purifier with a picture frame and stereo Bluetooth speakers, perfectly merging technology and art.

Here are the features of FLAT presented in a columnar format for clarity:

  • Aesthetic and ultra-thin 9cm design
  • Wall-mount. Free up Space
  • High Purification Efficiency 99.995%
  • 5-year Long Lifespan Filter
  • Level 1 Energy Efficient
  • Low Maintenance Cost
  • Laser Sensor & APP Control
  • UVC Suppresses Viruses
  • Photocatalyst 99.99% Sterilization
  • Fully Smart Operation
  • Stereo Bluetooth Speakers

How would you evaluate your company’s wall-mounted air purifier compared to traditional air purifiers in terms of air purification capabilities, power consumption, and filter replacement efficiency?

There is nothing like it on the market, and FLAT surpasses all other air purifiers in terms of aesthetics, ease of use, and functionality.

Air Purification Capacity: Although the FLAT wall-mounted air purifier is only 9 cm thin, its purification capacity, certified by laboratories, is comparable to traditional floor-standing air purifiers due to our carefully designed multi-national patented aerodynamic structure.

Energy Efficiency: FLAT uses a DC brushless motor and our power-saving control technology, allowing it to consume no more than $4 in electricity annually.

Filter Replacement Efficiency: Our filter design offers a variety of combinations to meet different needs:

  1. High dust-holding capacity type: For economical customers in less polluted areas who prioritise low maintenance, the filter can last up to 5 years without replacement.
  2. High filtration efficiency type: The U14 cleanroom grade filter, with a certified filtration efficiency of up to 99.995%, is suitable for clinics, postpartum care centers, nursing homes, etc.
  3. Photocatalyst and UVC sterilisation type: Our latest FLAT-ULTRA model is equipped with a photocatalyst coated filter and the world’s largest number of UVC LED lamp beads, featuring 32 lamps at 270 nm, which are 1,600 times more effective for sterilization compared to UVA. Certified by Biosafety Level 3 (BSL-3) laboratories, it can eliminate 99.99% of the coronavirus and 99.9997% of the H3N2 influenza virus. It is ideal for areas with high bacterial and virus levels, such as clinics, and for people with weak immune systems, like those in postpartum care centres and nursing homes.

What is your company’s track record and success in the Malaysian/global market? Please also share SAUBERAIR’s marketing strategy in Malaysia.

We have sold more than 3,000 units in Taiwan, primarily to home users and postpartum care centers. Recently, agents in the United States and Canada have placed orders for 2,000 units, targeting home users, nursing homes, postpartum centers, hotel chains, and office spaces.

As a design and manufacturing company, we typically leave sales to local agents in foreign markets. Currently, we do not have an agent in Malaysia and other Southeast Asia countries. Agents with sales capabilities and an interest in FLAT are welcome to contact us.

Please feel free to provide any additional relevant information or remarks.

In addition to its outstanding performance, FLAT’s ease of use is noteworthy. We have developed a dedicated app for the Wi-Fi IoT version of FLAT. With multiple sensors built into the machine, FLAT can detect PM1, PM2.5, VOC, CO2, atmospheric pressure, temperature, humidity, and power consumption.

We are also the world’s first to install an airflow decay detector in a household air purifier that can detect airflow volume and filter-blocking rates. This detector will accurately alert you when performance decreases and the filter needs to be replaced. All these values can be monitored and controlled remotely via the app. With extensive standby and sleep setting functions, FLAT can achieve fully automatic and intelligent operation, providing you with clean air effortlessly.

FLAT is also equipped with the world’s only wireless stereo Bluetooth speaker, allowing you to enjoy beautiful music while appreciating the art and breathing clean air. Additionally, with the sleep setting function, FLAT can wake you up with music in the morning!


Next, we have TAROKO DOOR & WINDOW TECHNOLOGIES, INC., a company that was founded in 1987. The company’s brand name, HISS, comes from its four principles of business philosophy which are Honesty, Innovation, Service and Sustainability.

The company is very customer-oriented and with continuous innovation, they aim to improve customer satisfaction by providing environmentally-friendly and quality products. This time, we asked them about their featured product, the Dockable Roller Screen and they provided us with some interesting insights below.

Could you provide a brief introduction to your company and explain how HISS differentiates itself to deliver unique experiences?

HISS is a leading company in flyscreen production, distinguished by our focus on research, development, and patented innovations. We prioritise quality, using top-tier materials to create durable, weather-resistant screens. Our R&D team drives continuous improvement, ensuring our products offer advanced features like Dock able function and anti-lift function and easy installation.

Key Differentiators:

  • Innovative R&D: Cutting-edge technologies and patent design performance and longevity.
  • Patented Technologies: Exclusive features provide unique benefits.
  • High-Quality Materials: Robust and weather-resistant for long-lasting use.
  • Customizable Solutions: Tailored to fit various window and door types.
  • Customer-Centric: Comprehensive support and easy installation.
  • Sustainability: Energy-efficient designs and eco-friendly manufacturing.

By combining innovation, quality, and customer focus, HISS delivers superior flyscreen solutions that enhance living spaces.

Tell us more about your featured product, including consumer benefits, target market, selling points, advantages, and price range. What makes it special?

Dockable Roller Screen: Our dockable roller screen features a unique anti-lift function, withstanding level 12 winds and a perfectly balanced, dockable handle. 

Consumer Benefits

  • Wind Resistance: Stable even in high winds.
  • Ease of Use: Smooth operation with a balanced handle.
  • Durability: Long-lasting, high-quality materials.

Target Market

  • Door and window companies
  • Blinds companies
  • Interior design firms

Selling Points

  • Innovative Design
  • Patented Technology
  • Superior Quality


  • High Wind Resistance
  • User-Friendly
  • Versatile Application

When it comes to installing window screens, Malaysians often have concerns about whether they can effectively prevent geckos from entering and withstand strong winds. How does HISS’s product address these challenges?

Our Dockable Roller Screen has an anti-lift function which is achieved by sewing plastic strips on the mesh and stick inside the bottom track and top track to prevent mosquitoes or geckos from coming inside the house. It can also resist level 12 winds which perfectly fit your needs. 

The other product is the Barrier Free Pleated Screen which has wind-proof hooks under the bottom chain to prevent geckos from entering the house. So these 2 products perfectly fit the market needs.

What is your company’s track record and success in the Malaysian/global market? Please also share HISS’s marketing strategy in Malaysia.

Currently, we don’t have customers in Malaysia but we are looking for distributors and agents to produce and sell our products to end customers.

Check Out Taiwan Excellence Pavilion at ARCHIDEX 2024

Are you interested to see and experience these amazing products? Then you should mark your calendar and visit the Taiwan Excellence Pavilion during ARCHIDEX 2024. The exhibition will run from 3 July 2024 to 6 July 2024 at KL Convention Centre.

Event Highlight: Sharing of Sustainable Design & Net-Zero Solutions

Plus, if you’re going to ARCHIDEX 2024, make sure you don’t miss out on Taiwan Excellence’s special event, ‘Sharing of Sustainable Design & Net-Zero Solutions: Greener Together with Taiwan.’ This session is dedicated to exploring sustainable design principles, aiming to spark your imagination and inspire innovative thinking.

Learn how to incorporate decarbonising interior materials into your projects and get hands-on insights from industry experts. Trust us, you’ll walk away with a wealth of knowledge and a fresh perspective on sustainable living.

You can register for this inspiring and informative session here to secure your spot.

Find the Taiwan Excellence Pavilion at:

  • Date: July 3-6, 2024
  • Venue: KL Convention Centre
  • Taiwan Excellence Pavilion Location: Hall 2, Booth No.: 2L180

For more information, head over to Taiwan Excellence’s Facebook and Instagram.

Visit ARCHIDEX 2024 and let’s work towards a greener, smarter future together. We can’t wait to see you there!

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