Elegant Mont Kiara Home Exudes Glamour & Style with Modern Luxurious Design

by Candyse

Living in luxury is a dream many aspire to, and one of the best ways to indulge yourself is by investing in a modern luxurious interior design scheme. If this is something that appeals to you, then this high-rise unit located in Pavilion Hilltop, Mont Kiara with a modern luxurious interior is definitely a great example. Designed by Magplas Renovation, the interior features crystal lights, marble elements, gilded accents and dark colours to embody the look.

Project: Mont Kiara Pavilion Hilltop

Designer: Magplas Renovation

Luxurious Lighting

Crystal light features are used predominantly in various parts of the home. The crystal light in the living room and the hanging chandeliers above the dining table add a touch of elegance to the home. Similar light fixtures in the kitchen, bedroom and home office also add to the ambiance. With its sparkly decorations, it is the perfect addition to this home’s modern luxury interior design. The soft glow of the crystal lights complements the home’s decor. They also work well to soften the darkness of the colour scheme to create a warm, inviting atmosphere when one steps into the home. The light reflects and refracts through the facets of the crystal light fixtures, creating a unique and beautiful effect throughout the home.

Marble Elements

The use of marble for the kitchen island and living room wall balances each other and exudes an air of sophistication and class. With its polished finish, the beautifully patterned marble adds a luxurious look that enhances the modern luxury interior design. The natural grain of the marble adds texture and interest to the space, and the colours are customised to match the dark colours of the rest of the condo with some outstanding light grain to make it more eye-catching. Marble is also a very durable material, making it a great choice for busy condos with a lot of foot traffic. The use of marble adds a timeless element to the kitchen and living area that won’t be lost over time.

Glamorous Gold

Including golden elements in the home adds a subtle hint of luxury to the interior design. This can be seen by the addition of the golden wall panelling, reflective shelf backing and coffee table in the living room. The bedroom mirrors these elements, with gold detailing for the bedside tables and wardrobe. This theme continues in the home office, with polished gold coffee tables that make the home look more expensive and luxurious.

Dramatic Dark Colours

Finally, the dark colour scheme helps to bring the entire look together. The use of dark colours in a condo can be both bold and stylish. Dark colours also have the added benefit of making a room seem larger, which is great for condos that are on the smaller side. Various shades of grey and dark wood are used to create a moody yet luxurious atmosphere in the home. The dark-coloured walls and furniture accent pieces are offset by a light-coloured ceiling and floors. Other lighter pieces such as the sofa, bedding and an abundance of reflective surfaces help brighten up the home.

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