Stylish House in Kajang with Classic English Interior Design Oozes Sophistication & Elegance

by Candyse

Are you looking to add a touch of classic English interior design to your home? This beautiful style is perfectly embodied in this Saujana Mutiara 2 house in Kajang which looks elegant and sophisticated. Designed by Magplas Renovation, this house oozes sophistication from the moment you step in the front doors and is a place where you can draw inspiration if you like this style as well.

Project: Saujana Mutiara 2, Kajang

Designer: Magplas Renovation

Use of Chandeliers

With its emphasis on traditional pieces, this timeless style adds a touch of class to the home. One of the signature features of the classic English style is the use of chandeliers in strategic spots. Whether it’s a crystal-style chandelier or a more rustic option, a chandelier hanging from the center of the room is sure to draw attention to the room and becomes a focal point for admiration.

As you can see, there is a more rustic chandelier that evokes candlelights that’s used above the dining table, which also works to separate the dining space from the living room area. Another clever use of a chandelier is at the staircase, which has ambient wall lighting with crystal accents that leads up to the gorgeous crystal chandelier that looks very romantic.

Neutral Colours

Colours also play a big role in classic English interior design. Neutral colours such as beige, grey, and white are common, as are pops of bold colours like red, green, and blue. The colours used should complement each other and create a sense of balance and harmony. This concept is used well in this Kajang home, as the main colour palette is white and complemented with splashes of colour such as the throw cushions on the couch, the black and gold coffee table, brown shelves for the dry kitchen and dark blue for the wet kitchen. Upstairs, the dark wood floors offset the white walls while dark blue built-in wardrobes and a matching bedspread are used.

Pretty Panelling

Another classic English interior design element that is used in the house is the abundance of panelling. Typically, panelling is made of wood and can be painted in a variety of colours. Panelling can be used in a variety of ways, such as to add texture to a room or to create a feature wall. This panelling is used on various walls throughout the house, giving it a very old-school yet charming look. In this house, it is the same colour as the walls so it doesn’t take the attention away from the furniture but adds another layer of visual interest.

The living area features panelling on the wall, ceiling and dining area. As you move upstairs, similar panelling can be seen on the walls of the bedroom and stairs as well, creating a cohesive look for the whole home. Other eye-catching details add texture to the house, such as the use of a velvety carpet in the living room while gold elements in the form of cabinet knobs add some gilded glamour to the residence which will look timeless and beautiful.

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