6 Cool Shoe Racks That’ll Keep All Your Shoes Nicely Organised in Your Home

by Candyse

If you’re like me, you probably face the problem of having too many shoes and with no place to store them nicely. Or perhaps you have many family members and since one person can own several pairs of shoes, it can be hard to find a place to store them so it looks neat and organised. If this is the issue that you’re having, then fret not because we have a solution (several in fact) for you. All you need is a nice shoe rack to keep your footwear within easy reach and nicely organised so scroll on to get some inspiration from these interesting shoe racks

1. Closed Shoe Cabinet

If you’re not a fan of displaying your kicks, then having a shoe rack that neatly hides it from view is great for you. Plus, this helps to mask any distinct odour from the shoes as well.


2. Stackable Clear Shoe Boxes

This one is for those who want to proudly show their beautiful shoes and is especially suitable for sneakerheads who have amassed quite the collection.


3. Multipurpose Shoe Cabinet

This one is good if you want your shoe racks to store other stuff especially if you placed it right in the foyer or entryway.


4. Simple Shoe Rack

A simple and basic shoe rack like this is suitable for minimalist apartments and for those who do not have many shoes. You can also place other items on this rack for easy reach as well.


5. Seat Shoe Rack

Need a seat by your entryway? This shoe rack comes with a seat to store those shoes that you use often.


6. Soft Shoe Rack

Often, you will see shoe racks that have hard bases but this one is made of soft mesh material so it can fit all types of shoes and protect them better.


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