9 Types of Porch Swing At Home to Relax and Lounge Your Days Away

by Candyse

Having a front porch in your house these days are quite a luxury as many people are not able to afford landed homes big enough to have one. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have a porch swing, if you are creative enough, you can even install one on your balcony. Get inspired with these cool ideas.

1. Classic Swing

An oldie but a goodie, this classic swing is one of the go-to pieces if you do not know what style to get. The clean porcelain white swing hung on a matching white rope blends perfectly into the background while the bold pillows keep it from getting too boring.


2. Comfy Black Swing

Upgrade a traditional swing with a comfy bed-style swing that will have you whiling the hours away on the swing. The black colour on the swing looks elegant while the puffy cushions add an extra element of cosiness.


3. Plush Swing

Create a relaxing space on your front porch with this rustic yet stylish looking swing that comes completely equipped armrests and overstuffed pillows. The rope and chain securing the swing adds a nice elegant touch.


4. Colourful Backless Porch Swing

This swing is perfect for afternoon naps or just for days when you feel like lazing around doing nothing. As it comes with no back, it can be a simple daybed.


5. Warm Wooden Porch Swing

Keeping the warm wooden tones of the porch swing is a great way to make it more welcoming. Paired with some bold turquoise pillows and vividly patterned seat, it instantly brightens up the swing.


6. Heart Porch Swing

This simple swing is cosy and comfortable but would be rather unremarkable if not for the little heart carved into the back. The carving is a stroke of genius that instantly adds charm to the swing.


7. High Back Porch Swing

Some swings do not have very high backs but some people like a bit of support to their back which is where swings like this come in. It is designed like a chair which looks really comfortable.


8. Curved Porch Swing

Think out of the box and go with this unique swing that is curved to fit the circular front porch. It is definitely an attention-grabber and will be a great place to sit and chant with your guests.


9. Individual Porch Swings

These swings are great for curling up when you want the entire seat by yourself as they have ample space. Decorate it with some plush throws, fluffy pillows and you may never want to leave the seat again.


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