7 Best Inversion Table For Instant Back Pain Relief in 2022

by Nicholas Chew

Hanging upside down seems fun, but few people know its therapeutic benefits. This activity can give your spine the much-needed stretch to create space between vertebrae. It helps release pressure which can eventually improve your spinal health.

Many equipments can allow you to apply this technique. However, an inversion table is considered the safest choice for this purpose, as you can strap yourself before trying the move. It reduces the chances of falling hazards by letting you balance the upside position comfortably. Moreover, you can also use an inversion table to experience relief from muscle spasms, sciatica, and lower back pain.

So, don’t wait long and head on to buy this device for your achy back and unhealthy spine. Our top picks for the best inversion table can simplify your hunt as we have extensively researched to find high-quality products.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started. However, before reviewing the products, let’s briefly overview the features of a good inversion table.

Feature Of a Good Inversion Table

Hundreds of fitness brands sell inversion tables. However, your goal is to spend money on the most functional product offering great value for your money. Certain unique features are necessary for an inversion table to qualify as a quality purchase. These include:

  • An excellent inversion table must be easy to use. Since you have to balance yourself upside down, any complicated function could increase the chances of accidents. Hence, it’s essential to ensure that you’re purchasing the equipment that allows easy mounting and dismounting.
  • Every inversion table has different dimensions. It’s crucial to buy the one that perfectly fits your body weight and height. Missing out on this factor could lead to safety issues.
  • Food and Drug Adiminstrationsshould must have recognized your inversion table for safe indoor use.
  • A good inversion table must support extensive adjustability. For example, you should be able to control its height accordingly. Moreover, the headrest should also be adjustable to ensure 100% secure and comfortable inversion.
  • The ankle system should be easy to reach, unlike the traditional strap system, where you have to tie your ankles one by one. In modern tables, you can comfortably place both ankles into the system and lock them through a nearby push button.
  • If you want an extra special table, look for different add-ons like a massage system, acupressure nodes, or heat therapy.

Reviewing the Best Inversion Tables of 2022

1.   Innova Health and Fitness ITX9900 Inversion Table

The Innova Health and Fitness ITX9900 Inversion Table could be the ultimate solution to improve poor spinal health. Its adjustable headrest lets you use this table comfortably so that you won’t get neck pain. Moreover, the backrest of this table is also pretty wide, letting you lie down flexibly. Besides an ultra-comfortable structure, the functionality of this inversion table is also top-notch. You can adjust everything to maintain proper balance with the center of gravity.

Let’s overview a few other features of this inversion table below.

  • This inversion table can easily hold a weight of up to 300 pounds.
  • You can also conveniently adjust the footrest and height setting of this inversion table.
  • Its secure and covered pin system lets you maintain six different positions.
  • You can use its ankle-holding system in two different ways. It’s possible to interchange between a foam roller and a U-shaped holder.
  • The steel frame of this table is heavy-duty. Hence, you can count it as a long-term investment.

2.   Innova Health and Fitness ITX9900 Deluxe Inversion Table

Do you face frequent issues in balancing your back on an inversion table? Without proper posture, you can’t get the real benefits of this therapy tool. Hence, it’s time to buy the Innova Health and Fitness Deluxe Inversion Table. It contains adjustable lumbar support that you can set according to the support your back needs. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about falling off the table while inverting. The robust strap system ensures your 100% safety. The ankle system of this table adds to the security. It lets you hold a firm grip while inverting to avoid accidental falls.

Since it’s one of our top picks, all its features are top-quality. Let’s discuss them below:

  • Every individual weighing 300lbs can use this table easily. Moreover, the height requirements are also wide, which is 4 feet 10 inches to 6 feet 6 inches.
  • An innovative structure of the ankle system reduces pressures on your foot while using this table. Its front holder is wide, while that on the rear side has smaller dimensions.
  • Using its easy-to-operate positioning system, you can adjust your position at six different angles.
  •  With soft foam-made handlebars, you can maintain a tight grip without feeling any pain.

3.   Health Gear ITM5599 Inversion Table

If you want to buy inversion equipment that offers excellent value for your money, then the Health Gear ITM5500 Inversion Table can be a perfect pick. Besides being helpful in inversion, this table also provides heat massages. You can attach the massage pad to its backrest whenever you need to relax. The whole system functions through a portable remote control. You can even enjoy vibrating massages on this table. Moreover, this heavy-duty inversion tool can easily hold people weighing up to 300 pounds.

Here are some of its other features:

  • The backrest of this table is made of smooth memory foam to ensure your comfort. Moreover, an extra layer of this soft material helps maintain different positions easily.
  • Thanks to its long locking arm, you won’t have to bend your back much while entering or exiting this table.
  • The sur-lock helps maintain a firm ankle grip conveniently. Moreover, removing your feet from the system is also simple.
  • With this inversion table, you won’t face calf pinching, thanks to its four large-sized leg rollers made of thick foam.
  • You can maintain four positions at multiple angles without dismounting from the table.

4.   Innova Health and Fitness Massage Inversion Table

Innova Health and Fitness is a leading fitness brand, and all its products are appreciation-worthy. After introducing a variety of simple inversion tables, they also brought one with massaging equipment to the market for user comfort. Our fourth pick, the Innova Health and Fitness Massage Inversion Table, can effortlessly serve two functions. Thanks to its innovative structure, you can get inversion therapy and massage simultaneously. The advanced massage system lets you adjust all the settings manually. Moreover, there’s an auto-massaging mode as well.

Let’s briefly overview some of its other features that help while inverting your body.

  • Say no to experiencing painful calf pinching with a large front and small rear ankle holder. It also helps reduce pressure on your feet.
  • The vertical massage pad will easily cover your whole spinal area.
  • Thanks to this table’s adjustable lumbar support pad, you can also enjoy a heated massage on your lower back and waist.
  • Its handlebars are robust and soft, promoting an ultra-tight grip. This feature helps you maintain difficult positions without fearing falling hazards.

5.   Teeter FitSpine Inversion Table

Your search for an easy-to-use inversion tool can end with buying the Teeter FitSpine Inversion Table. Its boarding region has an innovatively framed structure allowing easy mounting and dismounting. Moreover, the backrest is based on a floating suspension system, which helps prevent decompression. Your body would slide better, allowing free movement while maintaining different positions. The backrest also contains acupressure nodes for quick pain relief at the trigger points.

Some of its other features are:

  • FDA has approved this inversion table as a safe medical device for back pain.
  • Inversion therapy, by this table, also targets other painful conditions like the herniated spinal disc, spinal stenosis or curvature, sciatica, etc.
  • You can get free access to the TeeterMove app featuring easy-to-follow inverting tutorials.
  • The innovative design lets you rotate by doing a few simple hand movements. Even returning to an upright position is simple, through precise rotation. It allows an effortless shifting of your body weight.
  • Through a lock-out system, you can try three positions angled at 20, 40, and 60 degrees. It’s also possible to remove the lock for full inversion.

6.   YOLEO Relief Therapy Inversion Table

The YOLEO Relief Therapy Inversion Table can be your go-to choice for extreme back pains. It can easily fit you if your height falls under the range of 4 feet 10 inches to 6 feet 6 inches. Moreover, the weight-holding capacity of this inversion table is also good. You can comfortably use this table if your weight falls under 360 lbs. The wide steel frame makes it a robust device, contributing to long-term use. Moreover, it’s certified safe for indoor use without any professional help.

Let’s discuss a few other unique features of this inversion table:

  • A pin lock system ensures 100% security while you invert. The chances of falling are reduced to zero with this robust safety system.
  • Returning to a straight position is easier. Thanks to its unique rotating feature, you won’t have to do complicated hand movements.
  • To add extra back support, you can use a removable lumbar pillow.
  • The height adjustment tube is easy to use. Almost all your family members can use this device by setting the inversion table’s length according to their height.
  • This table is foldable and won’t take up much space in your house. You can conveniently place it inside your closet.

7.   Body Vision Inversion Table

Are you looking for premium-quality equipment for inversion therapy? Then your search can end with purchasing the Body Vision Inversion Table. Its backrest is broad and longer for extra convenience. Moreover, you can also remove the headrest of this table if required. A unique aspect of this inversion table is its lumbar support pad that you can align accordingly to treat back pain in different areas. It also relieves pain in the shoulders or neck.

Here are some of its few other features:

  • Its leg rollers are made of high-density foam, preventing calf pinching.
  • Using this inversion table’s advanced pin system, you can maintain four positions at 20, 30, 40, 60, and 90 degrees.
  • The headrest pillow is removable, and you can adjust it according to your comfort.
  • Ankle locking pin and safety straps ensure 100% safety while maintaining an inverted posture.


Spinal issues could affect your overall health. Although medicines could give timely relief, you would require therapeutical treatment to improve your condition. In that case, nothing would be as effective as inversion therapy. It has multiple benefits for your spine health as it removes the gravitational pressure from nerve roots. The stretch would produce space between vertebrae bringing your spine back to its initial healthy structure.

We hope you find one of the best inversion tables from our top 7 picks. All our choices are safe to use and would provide great value for your money.

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