5 Gorgeous Outdoor Pet Kennels at Home For Your Adorable Furkid

by Candyse

Having a pet in your home is a joy to behold and you definitely want to give them the best accommodation in your abode. Many of our pets are allowed to sleep inside our houses but sometimes it is more practical for them to stay outside. That doesn’t mean you have to skimp out on their accommodation though! Below we’ve made a collection of dog houses to give you some ideas:

1. Wooden Kennel

Your furkid deserves the best and this kennel made of wood certainly looks like a comfortable sleeping place. There’s a covered sleeping area when your dog wants to be protected from the elements and a little elevated platform for when they want to sunbathe or just to laze around.


2. Kennel with Covered Porch

This is another great idea for your pooch who loves to chill around outside but still be protected from the elements. The outside porch with the roof allows your dog the luxury of guarding your house while still being comfy.


3. Recycled Materials Kennel

Building an outdoor kennel for your pooch doesn’t have to be expensive as you can use recycled materials such as this plastic barrel. It will fit a small dog comfortably and provide a cosy resting place.


4. Barrel Kennel

If you happen to come across a cool wooden barrel then it would be just the perfect thing to house your dog on your porch. It looks quaint and quirky plus if you line it comfortably, it can make an awesome sleeping place for your tired little pet.


5. Cat Condo

Bet you have never heard of cats having condos up until now! This is a really suitable idea if you have more than one cat and you can ensure that they will be very cosy in there. It is also elevated and has a convenient space underneath for their food and drink so that they can reach it easily.


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