8 Fashionably Stylish Methods to Use Brass for A Jaw-Dropping Home Decor

by Candyse

An often neglected metallic, brass can make your home look really outstanding when used in the right way. It is also incredibly versatile and can be used for almost any kind of style so read on how to transform your home into the envy of your guests with some brass accents.

1. Dramatic Dining Room

The bright yellow colour of brass can often be mistaken for gold but it is much more durable. In this sophisticated dining room, the elegance factor is upped by the bold brass chairs and table.


2. Chic Bathroom

In this fashionable bathroom that is cloaked in white and marble, the brass accents used for the other furnishings certainly makes it look more exceptional. Add some fresh flowers in the brass vase for a truly classy vibe.


3. Elegant Kitchen

Brass is a very bold colour to use in the home but when used right, it can be very glamorous. This kitchen’s dramatic brass accents are perfectly complemented with the white and black colour palette.


4. Glamorous Living Room

This plush and classy living room is already comfy and stylish enough without the addition of brass elements. However, when you add brass features into the room, it will be transformed into something truly fit for a royal.


5. Beautiful Kitchen

Brass is usually paired with neutral colours such as black and white to tone down it boldness but in this chic kitchen, a soft gray works wonders too. In here, brass is used minimally for the knobs and taps but it still looks outstanding.


6. Brass and Black Bedroom

Brighten up a predominantly black bedroom with a little sprinkling of brass elements. In this stylish bedroom, the shiny brass plaque on the wall complements the black walls and is matched with the brass armchair in the corner.


7. Polished Bedroom

This sweet bedroom is turned into something special with the addition of a vintage brass canopy bed that becomes the focal point of the room. Keep the rest of the decor fairly simple to let the showstopper of a bed to become the center of attention.


8. Exquisite Powder Room

This striking powder room proves that brass doesn’t only go with soft, muted colours but can look gorgeous when used together with vibrant colours as well. The vivid green of the cabinets works really well with the brass elements to create a totally classy powder room.


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