Terrace House Is Transformed with a Curved Screen & Beautiful Skylight for a Relaxed, Country Feel

by Candyse

Terrace houses can get rather boring as they are often stuck in the same pattern and looks just like its neighbours as there is not much room for transformation, especially the intermediate ones. However, for this humble residence located on Grove Drive in Singapore, the experts, Hyla Architects managed to make it bright and expansive in their signature exclusive style.

The project is known as Outdoors In and it’s easy to see why, as they are trying to blur the lines between the interior and exterior by bringing in more of the outdoors inside the home. This gives the two-storey intermediate terrace house a very relaxed atmosphere to the interior that almost feels like you are in the countryside.

They also added a new extension to the back of the house that allows the architects to build a bright and wonderful looking master bedroom at the second storey, which is a new addition. In addition to that, the extension also enables the owners to have a new guest room with an ensuite on the ground floor that wasn’t possible before. Large timber screens in the master bedroom that can be opened and shut based on the owner’s fancy ensure that there are sufficient light and privacy for the room as well.

More ventilation and natural light stream into the house thanks to a small skylight terrace that overlooks an internal koi pond, bringing more natural elements into the home. At the front facade, passersby attention are caught by the main design element, a curved aluminium screen that hides a beautiful bathroom on the second floor. This screened area actually used to be part of a balcony overlooking the courtyard but due to this addition, it has been converted into an attached bathroom that can be used by the two existing bedrooms there.

Overall, the house exudes a calm, serene atmosphere with lots of wood, marble and stone elements to give it a timeless look. Glass is also used abundantly so that the house’s interiors look more spacious and gives it a country home feel.

All images are taken from Hyla Architects’ website unless otherwise stated.

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