The Nomad House Has 2 Different Sides For Everything the Nomadic Owners Need

by Candyse

Nomads are usually people who do not have a fixed residence but then to move wherever is the most suitable place for them but for Nomad House in central Singapore, the architects AD Lab Pte Ltd had a different brief. The owners wanted them to design the house where they could move their sleeping areas from room to room and also ensure that the function of the different spaces in the house could be easily changed over time.

The Nomad House is a corner terrace with a lush green reserve at the back of the house which means that one side of the house was limited by a boundary wall while the other side was paved with the surrounding gardens. Instead of allowing this to limit their ideas, the designers worked with this to their advantage by making the linked boundary wall into a linear strip that would function as the “service” element of the house.

The more open and flexible space that faces the side garden and narrow swimming pool allows for an unobstructed view of the front balcony with the rear opening up to the greenery. The function of the house is divided into two areas, with the left side of the residence being a more solid space that is built with heavy cast in-situ concrete. This side of the house has the more functional areas such as the bathrooms, kitchen, staircase and storerooms.

However, on the right side of the house, that’s another story as it is more laidback and relaxed. Here, the designers chose to build the house out of lightweight steel, aluminium and glass, making it more spacious and open so that the owners can wander around the house in their nomadic style.

This organisational plan is realised throughout the house’s interior as well where the darker and more enclosed “service” side is made of heavier materials while the open and relaxed side is lighter and more spacious. This can be seen in the basement of the house as well where the natural daylight streams in from the oversized windows from the swimming pool that illuminates the entire length of the house so the owners have all the freedom they need.

All images are taken from AD Lab Pte Ltd’s website unless otherwise stated.

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