Industrial-Themed House With Lots of Wooden & Metal Elements Looks Beautifully Warm & Welcoming | Maria Vega Artanti

by Candyse

Having an industrial-themed home might not be suitable for many, since it can look rather harsh and stark but Maria Vega Artanti managed to transform her home into a work of art. She shares her home revamp on Instagram and has caught the attention of netizens by managing to breathe warmth and life into her industrial-style home located in Indonesia. She works on several architectural and interior design products on top of being a full-time mother and has quite an eye for design.


Maria says that the concept of the home is very modern but once you take a closer look, there are vintage touches sprinkled everywhere. This can be seen from the pieces of furniture she chooses or even the accessories and material used for her interior decor. She says that these little touches help to bring emotional value into the home. From the facade, you can see that she has transformed the terrace house into a masterpiece. It looks like a holiday villa with lots of greenery and interesting wooden slats covering the windows.

Interior Decor:

The upper floors have been transformed into a double-height space so it has very high ceilings. Sure, there are also a lot of concrete walls and ceilings that give it an industrial vibe but she manages to make it work really well. To counter-balance the harshness of the concrete, Maria has added design elements such as wood and plants inside the home. In the kitchen, the floor tiles have a gorgeous pattern to separate their function in the open-plan area. The kitchen island has a wooden top and there are wooden cabinets fitted in as well.

She added lots of windows as well into the home to promote circulation and take advantage of the natural light. This means the home is bright and welcoming. Other than wood, there is also plenty of metal and steel used for the other elements of the decor. The stairs, fences, main door frames and lights are made of metal; adding a touch of grittiness to the ambience of the home. You can see that she softens it up by adding textures with her soft furnishing; to create a cosy, bright home.

All images taken from Maria Vega Artanti’s Instagram unless otherwise stated.

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