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It’s unusual to share your home with strangers but sometimes, it can be a practical choice, especially if you are a very friendly person who wants to meet more people.

The Urban Houses by Tad.atelier in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam is an example of community living that is aesthetically pleasing yet practical. It’s located in a three-way-junction corner of a small residential area so the design team had to overcome the challenge of creating a house that can fit a nuclear family and two more rooms that can be rented out.

Concept: (Urban Houses by T’ad.atelier)

The concept of the house is more to co-living space but with adequate privacy so owners and renters can keep to themselves yet interact when they wish.

Since the house is situated on an oddly shaped piece of land, the architects decided to build a cluster of houses where each unit would have its own specific role to play. This means that residents would be able to go to each different smaller “house” for different needs whenever they want to.

Different Houses:

The public spaces are located in the kitchen dining house and office house, which is where the residents can interact and communicate with each other. These houses share the same outdoor greenery and ventilation area but if you want privacy, then you can retreat to the bedroom house.

Looking at it from the outside, it looks like a couple of houses stacked neatly together, giving it a very unique appeal.

These functional spaces work individually as different units but they are still connected with each other by the use of gardens, skylights and alleys which makes it more convenient for the inhabitants to traverse the home.

While in traditional houses these areas would be rooms, in Urban Houses, they become houses and the whole residence becomes a tight-knit community living space.

All images taken from Tad.atelier unless otherwise stated.

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