Nature-Filled House Has Beautiful Interiors & A Hidden Floor That Can Only Be Seen From The Back | Paloma Siqueira Arquitetura

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It’s always a good idea to have nature in your home, even just some potted plants will suffice. But if you’re a big nature lover, then you might want to incorporate more greenery into your home, just like Paloma Siqueira Arquitetura has done for this home located in São Paulo. The architect carefully planned everything to ensure that the home that was created is at one with the surrounding greenery and blends in well with the neighbours.

Exterior Area:

Since the homeowner wanted a home with lots of green areas, the volume of the main facade does not exceed three floors. Natural light and ventilation is also a big consideration when designing this home. The windows looking out of the house makes the home look more stylish. Big glass doors are used in certain areas so more air and light can circulate the home.  There is an integrated kitchen with living room and dining area while located in front of the kitchen is a deck where the family can enjoy some al-fresco dining.

Interior Area:

Located on the first floor, you will find the mezzanine with the family room. Here, the more private spaces are located, which include the three bedrooms. There is a peaceful green space on this floor which offers a much-needed respite when the temperature gets too high on a hot day.

The third floor, which is hidden from the front; faces the back and has a living room and an office that is connected to the garden. This home office has a pretty balcony that overlooks the rear of the home. The house uses four main materials; concrete, metal, wood and glass to create a cohesive look with nature. Throughout the home, there is plenty of plants in and outside that gives the residence a lively look.

All images are taken from Paloma Siqueira Arquitetura unless otherwise stated.

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