5 Charming and Feminine Coffee Tables You Can Have In Your Living Room

by Candyse

Coffee tables in your living room are very convenient for you to put your stuff or just to rest your drinks on . They are also a great item that can make or break your living room’s decor. If you want a more feminine type of coffee table then we’ve got some great ideas for you.

1. Minimalist and Clean

Going minimalist doesn’t mean that you can’t be feminine and this living room is an awesome idea. This cute and charming coffee table with some gilded legs make the perfect addition to your living room and balances out the heavier furniture in your home.


2. Blushing Pink

Nothing says feminine quite like the colour pink and this living room has it in spades. It’s also super versatile and the matching blush pink coffee table adds the perfect touch to this room.


3. Glass Beauty

If you’re not sure what kind of coffee table to get then get a simple glass one that can be styled in a very feminine and lovely way. The glass top table is a superb addition to the home because it is so versatile and can be easily restyled when you want to change things up next time.


4. Rustic Chic

Who says rustic can’t be feminine and charming? With the right touches, you can turn a heavy rugged table into a beautiful work of art by just adding some elegant candlesticks, ceramic pieces and flowers for the right look. Make sure the rest of the living room blends in well with the coffee table as well.


5. Double Level

Try out something different with a coffee table that has a double layer and make sure to pay attention to the space underneath for a neat, coordinated look. Go feminine with some pretty flowers and delicate pieces for an extra stylish touch.


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