5 Different Kinds of Kitchen Cooktops to Determine Which is the Most Suitable for You

by Candyse

Different kind of lifestyles have different cooking needs and that’s understandable. For example, for a big family you may need a huge cooktop but for a young couple, often they may cook lesser so a compact one is just fine. If you are not sure which cooktop suits you then don’t worry, read on to find out more.

1. Electric Smooth Top

These kind of cooktops are one of the most aesthetically pleasing as they are flat and blend seamlessly into your kitchen. Since there are no cracks or crevices for food of liquid to fall through, cleanup is easy but this type can be rather pricey as they use more expensive materials. You also want to be careful as you don’t want to leave any scratches.


2. Induction Cooktop

This is probably one of the safest cooktops you can have in your home, especially if you have curious children or pets. Induction burners are only activated when they come into contact with other induction cookware or magnetic metals so there is no open flame or hot surfaces. It is also super fast but the one drawback is you have to change all your cookware so that it can be used with the induction cooker.


3. Gas Cooktops

You have probably seen this in many homes as this is the conventional cooktop that is super common, especially in older homes. Powered by natural gas, you can continue using this even if there is a power shortage at home and it’s fast too. Of course, you must make sure to turn the burners all the way off as you don’t want accidents to happen.


4. Electric Coil Cooktop

Using electric coil cooktops are one of the most stress-free choices especially if you’re looking for something that is economical and durable. They are so tough that you can clean them up easily without worrying that you are harming the cooktops. However, they do take a longer time to heat up.


5. Overhead Hood Cooktops

If you are frequently cooking up a storm and need good ventilation then having an overhead hood might be just what you need. They may be big and unwieldy but they certainly do a good job of drawing in the heat and smoke emitted by cooking.


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