10 Orderly Ideas For Food Storage in Your Kitchen That’ll Delight Any Neat Freaks

by Candyse

Welcome back, my fellow neat freaks. Don’t you absolutely hate it when your house is messy and disorganised? And the kitchen, which is the heart of the home, has got to be one of the hardest places to keep clean because there’s always so much activity going on in there. Fret not though, because we have some great ideas for food storage right below.

1. Black Transparent Containers

Having black caps on these transparent containers matches well with the kitchen decor and honestly, the labelling makes sure you won’t go wrong.


2. Various Types of Containers

It’s cool to have every container the same but sometimes, you need different sizes and types for various food products, just like this neat arrangement.


3. Walk-in Pantry

If you have the space, then a walk-in pantry like this with a place for everything is truly something that will be the delight of every neat freak.


4. Hidden Behind a Door

You would never have known that behind this door, there is a veritable treasure trove of hidden items that are so neatly arranged. Every inch is utilised, including the space behind the door itself.


5. Wooden-topped Jars

If you use a lot of spices and seasonings, having a clearly labelled system like this is very convenient.


6. Wire Racks

These wire racks keep everything in their places and within easy reach, plus best of all, it’s inexpensive and doesn’t take up too much space.


7. Hanging Shelf

For those who don’t need much storage space, having a hanging shelf like this means you won’t take up much real estate but everything is still organised.


8. Pull-Out Shelf

Put those awkward nooks and crannies to good use with a pull-out shelf like this that can store essential spices and seasonings.


9. Built-in Cabinets

Evenly-spaced cabinets like these make a good food storage areas and you can arrange them any way you please.


10. Open Shelves

If you want to have an open shelf system, you have to make sure that it’s neat and orderly or it will not look good.


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