8 Awesome Kitchen Cabinets to Ensure Your Malaysian Kitchen is Stylish and Neat

by Candyse

Kitchens are already well-established as the most hardworking space in your home therefore it is imperative that you choose the right furnishings for this room. In order to make your kitchen look clean and neat, good storage space in the form of kitchen cabinets are essential.

1. Modern and Contemporary Decor Cabinets

In this kitchen, industrial style cabinets made with stainless steel. They are perfectly paired with some dark oak shelves to soften the look.


2. Vintage Design Cabinets

Evoke the feel of yesteryear’s kitchens with some gorgeous glass panel kitchen cabinets while the lower cabinets are equipped with charming glass knobs. The entire kitchen uses a colour palette that pulls the whole look together.


3. Rustic Style Cabinets

A kitchen that is modelled after the style of a farmhouse kitchen can be really homey and inviting, especially with matching cabinets. The trick to getting similar cabinets is to give it a distressed look and use gorgeous matching colours of different tones.


4. Victorian Shaker Style Cabinets

This kind of cabinets places the emphasis on flatness as the front of the storage space are flat. The cabinets uses leaded glass doors and vintage green paint to complete the look.


5. Bold Industrial Kitchen Cabinets

Give the industrial style a modern twist by giving the stainless steel elements some vibrant and vivid colours. Your industrial cabinets will be much more interesting when paired with other stainless steel accessories.


6. Glossy Black Cabinets

In this beautiful and elegant kitchen, black is used liberally all over the kitchen except for the kitchen counter which is white to provide contrast. The ebony cabinets blend seamlessly into the surroundings for a sophisticated look.


7. Classic Wood Cabinet

For a traditional and classic kitchen, stick with the tried-and-trusted design of full wood cabinets which can never go wrong. This kitchen features custom built-in cabinets for ample storage space.


8. Yellow Laminate Cabinet

This sunny yellow colour create a bright and cheery vibes which cool stainless steel furnishings tone it down. Laminate allows you to choose from a wide variety of colours and it is more affordable than wood.


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