12 Useful Kitchen Designs If You Want To Decorate Your Small Apartment

by Meor

If you have a small apartment you’re probably frustrated at the lack of choices for designing your kitchen…wait, that’s not true! There are many kitchen designs you can apply to your kitchen that is space-conscious and beautiful.

1. Overhead Cabinets

As always with small apartments, you get the most bang for your buck by smartly utilising wall space for storage. Hang some overhead cabinets to make room for your stove and other appliances.


2. Simple Corner Kitchen

If you’re tight on space and don’t have a dedicated kitchen area in your apartment, just section of a corner of the house for your kitchen appliances. A well managed kitchen area is both easy to organise and practical.


3. Make Use Of Wall Space

Wall space is not only for cabinets. You can also hang hooks, or rails and shelves for storing smaller utensils or kitchenware that might take up precious table space otherwise.


4. Small Kitchenette Space

If you don’t do a lot of cooking or baking, you don’t really need a large space for a kitchen right? With some creative cabinet designs, you can tuck those kitchen equipment away when not needed.


5. Outside Corner Kitchen Cabinets

People love corner arrangements, but often overlook outside corners which are great locations for creative decoration. So if you happen to have an unused outside corner, it’s a great place to install some kitchen cabinets.


6. Simple And Compact

Square is not always boring. Find a little nook in your small apartment, and if you organise everything neatly, you’ll realise you don’t need that much space for your kitchen.


7. Built-In Appliances

Kitchen appliances can be bulky and take up a lot of space. A good solution for the space issue is to either install some pre-built-in appliances, or carve out some space in your existing cabinets to slot in the sink, oven, and stove.


8. Kitchen Island Storage

A small kitchen island is useful as a work area, and many come with lots of storage space underneath.


9. Simple Black and White Kitchen

With all the previous tips, you may be worried that your kitchen is going to look boring in such a small space. Don’t worry because you can customise it with this black and white styling that will still make people talk.


10. Wooden Wall Unit With Cabinets and Built-Ins

Another sexy look is the bare wood wall unit combination. Very homely and also classic-looking.


11. Wall-attached Island With Overhead Pot Racks

If you have of plan to have a lot of pots for cooking, an overhead hanging pot rack is the ultimate solution.


12. Overhead Shelves for Storing Dining Ware

Sometimes you don’t need that many cabinets. Hang some shelves on the walls instead for storing plates and cups to save space.


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