9 Simply Useful Ways to Organise Your Makeup Beautifully at Home

by Candyse

Now, we know that girls love their makeup and have an abundance of them because just having that one lipstick isn’t enough, especially if you’re a makeup addict. However, buying more and more makeup means that your collection of cosmetics is going to grow real fast and you definitely need a space for them. Here are some great ideas so that you can organise your makeup collection to be as pretty as you.

1. Use a Drawer Divider

If you store your cosmetics in a drawer, often you will just dump it inside and then just when you are searching for that perfect shade of lipstick to match your outfit, you have to root through the whole drawer for it. Make your life easier by buying some simple drawer dividers so that each piece of makeup has its own space.


2. Mobile Cart

Sometimes you like to put on your makeup in your room, sometimes you do it in the bathroom or anywhere else that casts the perfect light. Then this mobile cart is the perfect storage solution for you as you can put various items on it for maximum convenience.


3. Clear Acrylic Trays

This cool idea is awesome for those who only use the makeup they see so displaying all your makeup neatly on your vanity table saves space and looks pretty at the same time. Just get some inexpensive trays to and slot in your bountiful collection.


4. Box with Coffee Beans

For the caffeine addict in you, pour some fragrant coffee beans into a clear plastic box and use that to stick a few brushes, eyeliners or whatever you fancy inside. Not only will it smell like heaven but it also looks awesome. If you are not a fan of coffee, you can use glass pebbles, beans or anything you fancy.


5. Ice Tray

Use an ice tray to store small makeup items such as single eyeshadow shades conveniently in one place. This method also allows you to see all the colours you have at a glance.


6. Lucite Desk Organisers

These organisers are another nifty way to store your makeup neatly but in such a way that you are able to see which makeup you have. They come in many shapes and sizes so find the best one for your needs.


7. Cupcake Tray

Ordinary household items can actually be repurposed to organise your makeup and as an added bonus, it looks really gorgeous when done right. This gleaming silver cupcake tray comes in handy to store your many lipsticks and makes a pretty addition to your vanity table.


8. Spice Rack

In yet another glowing example of normal household items gone glamorous, you can place your perfume bottles or similar items on a nice spice rack which instantly makes it look super elegant. If you’re feeling fancy, you can even spray paint it to another colour.


9. Turnstile

Get a revolving rack to be used to store your everyday beauty products for easy access as a simple spin lets you reach the item you want. Much better than reaching all the way back of the shelf for your desired item.


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