Creating The Ultimate All White Home Decor With These 10 Simple Tips

by Candyse

The colour white has always been associated with purity and sanctity, but sometimes people think that decorating a home with just white may look boring. But there’s where you are wrong, because white can also be a dramatic colour, and is the perfect canvas for anything. So, take a look at these tips and start decorating!

1. Use Soft, Distressed Furnishings

People tend to think of white as a cold, clinical colour to have in the home but did you know that it can actually be very cosy? The trick is to choose soft, comfy looking furnishings such as fluffy throw pillows, gauzy fabric and distressed finishes to make it look more welcoming.


2. Match White with Smoky Pastels

Mixing white with soft pastels can have the effect of making the space look rather babyish, and that’s fine if that is the effect you are looking for. But if you are looking for a more adult touch, then we suggest that you use pastels such as light brown, smoky blue, or a hint of dusty pink.


3. Warm Up White with Wood

To avoid the risk of making your room look too stiff and cold, pair your white with wooden furnishings, which can offer a lot of subtle flow and depth to your home. In fact, wood looks almost like a print itself, which helps to keep things looking understated but chic.


4. Play with Patterns

Add an unexpected element into your space by using low-key white-on-white patterns such as herringbone, chevron, stripes or dots. It makes your home look much more interesting.


5. Add Mirrors

Traditionally, bathrooms usually have a mirror hanging around for you to freshen up your face to ensure that you look your best. But you can also use mirrors as accessories, or even include it into your furniture to make it look more glamorous and shiny.


6. Add Luxurious Texture

Incorporating different textures into your home can make it look more stylish and make quite a statement. You can start small, by painting your ceilings with lacquer and adding some shiny satin panels into your covers.


7. White Industrial Style

You may be surprised to know that using white to style your bathroom and make it look more industrial actually works really well. Instead of having a stiff and bland bathroom, using interesting features such as clawfoot bathtubs and quirky lights can make a difference.


8. Layering White Tones

Not all white colours are created equal, in fact, there are so many kinds of whites that you’ll be spoilt for choice when choosing which one you want to use. Cool whites, warm whites, shiny whites, instead of choosing just one, layer several different ones in one room for more personality.


9. Match White with Metals

Combining white with your favourite metals is a classic and timeless combination, which is used by many designers. It doesn’t matter which metal you choose, the final result will always look inviting and trendy.


10. Choose a Focal Point

Hanging a huge colourful painting or even having an accent wall in your all white room allows you to draw the eye immediately to the element you want to highlight. The whiteness of the room means that your artwork or feature element has no competition.


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