Beautiful Hampton-Style House Done Up In Soft Muted Tones Looks Exquisite | Cronulla Links Ave by The Stables

by Candyse

Nowadays, you usually see houses built in the same old boring boxy structure, which is functional but doesn’t look that great aesthetically. Enter Cronulla Links Ave by The Stables in Australia, which is a Hampton style development that looks simply gorgeous. Although the house’s concept was designed by Lux Building, it’s the interior that gives it life and the stylish interior was crafted by The Stables for a sumptuous and comfy home.

Exterior Area: (Cronulla Links Ave by The Stables)

The team at The Stables worked on every aspect of the designs which includes the joinery, kitchen and bathroom designs, all finish selections from carpet selection and feature lighting. From the outside, you can see the house surrounded by a pretty white fence which encircles a spacious garden. The front door is a light grey colour that allows it to stand out from the house facade, which is fully white.

Interior Design:

Because the design team wanted a classic home with a contemporary twist, they decided to go for a light and bright theme that would stand the test of time. Overall, you can see that the home heavily uses a white and muted grey palette for most of its decor, with some natural materials to give it some texture. Lush plants are added into the home’s interior to give it a lively and homey vibe.

There are no bold splashes of colour in the home as everything is a soothing, calm neutral palette. Other than white and grey, the other colours you can see are the natural stone around the fireplace to break up the monotony of the colours and make it a focal point of the room.

Another beautiful feature of the house is the curved staircase that connects both floors and it’s clad in beautifully warm wood and defined by the batten detail. The staircase helps to give a bit of punch to the house to keep it from being too boring. The flooring in the living room is also an inviting wood which keeps the interiors from being too sterile and clinical.

All images taken from The Stables unless otherwise stated.

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