12 Best Baby Cots in Malaysia for the Sweetest Slumber for Little Ones

by Effa

In the journey of parenthood, creating a nurturing and safe environment for our little ones is paramount. As they embark on their delightful adventures in dreamland, a quality baby cot becomes an essential haven for their peaceful slumber.

In this enchanting guide, we have meticulously scoured the market to bring you the “12 Best Baby Cots in Malaysia.” From innovative designs to superior craftsmanship, each cot on this list promises to be a cherished sanctuary for your baby’s peaceful rest. Join us on this joyous journey as we explore these top-notch baby cots, carefully curated to make dreams come true for your little darlings.

Features of a Good Baby Cot

A good baby cot should have the following features: 

  • Safety First: A top-notch baby cot prioritizes safety with sturdy construction, non-toxic materials, and secure rails, ensuring your baby sleeps soundly, free from any hazards.
  • Adjustability for Growth: Look for cots with adjustable mattress heights that grow with your baby, accommodating their developmental stages and preventing unnecessary strain on your back during those early days.
  • Breathable and Hypoallergenic: Opt for cots with breathable fabrics and hypoallergenic materials to promote airflow and reduce the risk of allergies, keeping your little one cosy and comfortable.
  • Convertibility and Longevity: Invest in a convertible cot that can transform into a toddler bed or a daybed, providing long-term value and extending its usefulness beyond the infant years.
  • Ease of Cleaning: Choose cots with removable, machine-washable components to make cleaning a breeze, allowing you to maintain a hygienic sleeping environment for your baby.

Our Selection of 12 Best Baby Cots in Malaysia

Step into a world where your little one’s dreams know no limits, as we unveil the ideal sanctuary for their blissful slumber.

1. Getha Togetha Baby Cot

Designed with your baby’s growth in mind, this cot boasts three adjustable height settings, ensuring maximum comfort at every stage. The convenient lock gate allows you to effortlessly access your little one with one hand while securely containing them when needed. Say goodbye to clutter, as the pull-out drawers provide ample storage space for your baby’s essentials. Crafted from solid Rubberwood and MDF with a non-toxic, VOC-free coating, this cot guarantees a safe and eco-friendly haven for your precious bundle of joy. Its thoughtful multi-use design means it can effortlessly transform into a junior day bed, study desk, or kid’s sofa, catering to your child’s changing needs over time.

Rest assured with the cot’s rounded corners, leaving no sharp or rough edges. Equipped with anti-slip wheels featuring a lock function, you can move the cot with ease and lock it securely in place. Supporting up to 40 kgs, the Getha Togetha Baby Cot is a reliable companion for your baby’s early years, offering a nurturing environment where it can grow and flourish.

Here are the highlights of the Getha Togetha Baby Cot’s amazing features:

  • Adjustable height settings
  • One-hand manoeuvrable lock gate
  • Pull-out drawer storage
  • Solid Rubberwood + MDF
  • Non-toxic, VOC-free finish
  • Multi-use functionality
  • Rounded corners for safety
  • Anti-slip wheels with lock
  • Secure gate mechanism
  • Supports up to 40 kg

2. Babylove Solid Meranti Wood Basic Cot

Crafted with utmost care, this cot ensures your baby’s comfort and well-being with its thoughtful features. Made from durable Solid Meranti Wood, this cot boasts a delicate texture and adjustable design, accommodating your growing infant from newborn to four years old. The non-toxic paint used prevents any irritation to your baby’s delicate skin, while the non-toxic plastic teether shields teething babies from directly biting the bed frame.

Ease of use is paramount for parents, and this cot delivers with its two-handed drop side mechanism, allowing you to lower the side gate effortlessly with just one hand. Safety is further enhanced by the attached castor wheels equipped with a stopper, providing stability and preventing any unwanted movement. Tested and certified to meet UK and EU safety standards, you can rest assured that your little one is in secure hands.

Here are the highlights of the Babylove Solid Meranti Wood Basic Cot’s amazing features:

  • Non-Toxic Paint
  • Non-Toxic Plastic Teether
  • Two-Handed Drop Side Mechanism
  • Castor Wheels with Stopper
  • Solid Meranti Wood
  • Durable & Delicate Texture
  • Adjustable Design
  • Suitable for Newborns to 4 Years Old
  • UK and EU Safety Certified

3. Sweet Heart Paris WCT138 Multi Functional Baby Cot

Made with the utmost care, this baby cot offers an array of features to ensure a peaceful and comfortable environment. Height is adjustable for your growing baby, this cot is thoughtfully polished smoothly, free from any burr formation, guaranteeing utmost safety. Its cradle function provides a soothing rocking motion to lull your baby to sleep, while the spacious storage offers a convenient solution for organising baby essentials. The side bed function allows you to be close to your baby, promoting a strong parent-child bond.

Worried about mosquitos? Rest assured with the free mosquito net included with the cot. Its compact footprint effortlessly fits standard Malaysian room door sizes, making it easy to switch from one room to another. Navigate through your space with ease, thanks to the 360 degrees swivel wheels that move quietly, ensuring your baby’s peaceful slumber. Safety is paramount, and all wheels are lockable to keep the cot securely in place.

Here are the highlights of the Sweet Heart Paris WCT138 Multi Functional Baby Cot’s amazing features:

  • Height Adjustable
  • Smoothly Polished
  • Cradle Function
  • Ample Storage
  • Side Bed Function
  • Free Mosquito Net
  • Compact Footprint
  • 360 Degrees Swivel Wheel
  • Quiet Push Motion
  • Lockable Wheels for Safety

4. Sweet Cherry SC879 Fabio Wooden Baby Cot

Designed with love and care, this baby cot boasts an array of features designed to ensure your baby’s comfort and safety. Made from quality solid Meranti Wood, this cot exudes elegance with its local-inspired design. The 3 height-adjustable mattress board accommodates your growing baby, and the lowest layer is ideal for when your little one starts sitting up unaided. For easy access to your baby, the cot is thoughtfully equipped with a drop-side rail. Rounded and softer corners further enhance safety, preventing any potential injuries.

The 4 castors, with two featuring brakes, provide smooth mobility and secure positioning. Safety is a priority, and the cot adheres to standards with a safe distance between slats. Beyond a standard baby cot, it effortlessly transforms into a kids’ sofa, a side bed beside the parents’ bed, and even a playpen to keep your baby safely entertained while you attend to your tasks.

Here are the highlights of the Sweet Cherry SC879 Fabio Wooden Baby Cot’s amazing features:

  • Suitable from Newborn to 3 Years (≤15KG)
  • Quality Solid Meranti Wood
  • Elegant Local Design
  • 3 Height Levels Adjustable
  • Drop-Side Rail Access
  • Rounded & Softer Corners
  • 4 Castors with Brakes
  • Safety Compliant Slats
  • Converts to Kids’ Sofa
  • Side Bed Function
  • Playpen Option

5. Chicco Baby Hug 4 in 1 Air Crib

Versatile and reliable, this 4-in-1 marvel accompanies you from your baby’s early days till they reach 15 kg. As a crib, it cocooningly embraces your newborn during nap times and overnight sleeping, ensuring a cosy sanctuary. The lateral mesh fabric guarantees visibility and enhanced air circulation, giving you peace of mind while always keeping an eye on your baby. The electronic toy bar entertains and stimulates your baby’s curiosity, featuring lullabies, music sounds, lights, and soft toys for playtime joy. The soft padded reducer adds extra comfort and a sense of security.

Adjustability is key – the reclining backrest, 4 swivelling braked wheels, and height adjustment cater to your baby’s needs at every stage. Easily transform it into a highchair during weaning or a practical table chair for playtime and bonding. The Baby Hug 4 in 1 Air is a practical solution, keeping hygiene in mind with removable and washable lining.

Here are the highlights of the Chicco Baby Hug 4-in-1 Air Crib’s amazing features:

  • 4-in-1 Functionality
  • Suitable from Newborns to 15kg
  • Comfortable Crib Design
  • Visibility & Air Circulation
  • Electronic Toy Bar
  • Soft Padded Reducer
  • Reclining Backrest
  • Height Adjustable
  • 4 Swiveling Braked Wheels
  • Practical Highchair Conversion
  • Washable and Removable Lining

6. Beblum Lavo 5 Convertible Baby Cot

Designed for maximum ease and convenience, this cot can be effortlessly installed within 5-10 minutes by just one person, thanks to the innovative easy Click system that requires no tools. Crafted with high-quality wood, including German Beechwood, German Birchwood, and New Zealand Pinewood, this cot ensures durability and strength. With 9 height adjustments, it adapts to your child’s developmental stages, from newborn to approximately 4 years as a co-sleeper, cot, or playpen.

But the beauty of the Lavo 5 doesn’t stop there. As your child starts schooling, this multi-functional cot effortlessly transforms into a toddler bed, chair, or table, making it an enduring companion for your little one’s journey. Safety is paramount, and the cot uses eco-friendly and baby-safe paint. Remarkably, it can support the weight of 3 adults (up to 120 kg) when used without wheels and up to 30 kg with wheels.

Here are the highlights of the Beblum Lavo 5 Convertible Baby Cot’s amazing features:

  • Tool-Free Installation
  • Easy Click System
  • Real Multi-Functional Cot
  • 9 Height Adjustments
  • High-Quality Wood
  • Eco-Friendly Paint
  • Age Suitability: Newborn to ~4 years
  • Material: German Beechwood, German Birchwood, New Zealand Pinewood
  • Converts to Toddler Bed/Chair/Table

7. Getha Genie Baby Cot

Getha Genie Baby Cot is a haven of safety and comfort for your little one’s sweet slumber. Crafted with care, this cot is made from solid rubber wood, ensuring durability and sturdiness. With a non-toxic paint finish, it prioritises your child’s safety, guaranteeing a worry-free environment. Designed with your child’s well-being in mind, the cot boasts a smooth, rounded design with no sharp edges, providing the utmost safety for your baby. Its ergonomically designed height allows for easy access to your little one, making caregiving a breeze.

As your baby grows, the Genie Baby Cot accommodates its development with its 3-level base adjustment. From newborn to 3 years old, this cot is a trustworthy companion throughout your baby’s early years, supporting up to 30kg. Ease of use is key, and this cot is thoughtfully easy to assemble, saving you time and effort.

Here are the highlights of the Getha Genie Baby Cot’s amazing features:

  • Solid Rubber Wood
  • Non-Toxic Paint Finish
  • Smooth & Rounded Design
  • Ergonomic Height Access
  • 3 Level Base Adjustment
  • Suitable from Newborn to 3 years
  • Supports up to 30kg
  • Easy to Assemble

8. Prego Tuuli Convertible Baby Cot

This multi-functional cot adapts seamlessly as your child grows from infancy to approximately 3 years old. Safety is paramount, and the Tuuli Cot is certified and tested to exceed European Safety Approval standards. The detachable side panel transforms it into a secure bedside crib, allowing parents to co-sleep safely with their little ones. With 3 level adjustable options, you can customise the cot as your child reaches the curious climbing stage, promoting feelings of freedom and independence.

Crafted from sustainable New Zealand pine wood, this cot guarantees durability and longevity while ensuring a safe sleep environment with its natural finish and absence of harmful substances. Assembly is a breeze, taking no more than 30 minutes with the tools provided.

Here are the highlights of the Prego Tuuli Convertible Baby Cot’s amazing features:

  • Scandi-Inspired Design
  • Multi-Functional Cot
  • Converts to Bedside Crib
  • 3 Level Adjustable
  • Sustainable New Zealand Pine
  • Natural Finish, No Harmful Substances
  • Easy Assembly
  • Certified and Tested Safety

9. U-Baby PRO UW-CT 598 Wooden Baby Cot

Constructed with care, this baby cot is suitable for infants from 0kg to 15kg, accompanying them throughout their precious first 3 years. Made with premium New Zealand Pine Wood, it ensures durability and sturdiness. Safety is paramount, and the cot is made with non-toxic substances and baby-safe paint, creating a worry-free environment for your baby. With 3 adjustable height levels, you can customise the cot to suit your baby’s growth and developmental needs. The side rail door allows easy attachment to the parent’s bed, ensuring closeness and convenience for co-sleeping. To avoid any potential injuries, the cot features rounded corners, while the 4 wheels equipped with brakes provide smooth mobility and secure positioning.

Embrace versatility with the U-Baby PRO UW-CT 598 Wooden Baby Cot, as it can be transformed into a rocking cradle, attached to the parent’s bed, converted to a playpen, or even used as a kid sofa. Accommodating a fitted mattress size of 115cm x 63cm, this cot is designed to offer the perfect haven for your little one’s delightful slumber and playtime.

Here are the highlights of the U-Baby PRO UW-CT 598 Wooden Baby Cot’s amazing features:

  • Age Range: 0kg-15kg (0-3 Years)
  • New Zealand Pine Wood
  • Non-Toxic & Baby-Safe Paint
  • 3 Adjustable Height Levels
  • Side Rail Door Attachment
  • Rounded Corners for Safety
  • 4 Wheels with Brake
  • Fitted Mattress Size: 115cm x 63cm
  • Multiple Uses: Attach to Parent Bed / Playpen / Kid Sofa

10. Mamakiddies Mimi Travel Cot

This travel cot effortlessly transforms into a playpen, cot, and changing station, making it an essential item for parents on the move. With a swift setup and fold-up mechanism, the Mimi Travel Cot ensures convenience at your fingertips, allowing you to spend more quality time with your little one. The supplied travel bag ensures you have everything you need while exploring the world with your baby. The cot features two levels with varying weight capacities. The bassinet level accommodates up to 13kg, while the playpen level holds up to 15kg, ensuring your baby’s safety and comfort.

Equipped with a removable bassinet and diaper bed, the Mimi Travel Cot provides a cosy spot for your baby to rest and play. For added convenience, it comes with a basic mattress and a mosquito net to shield your little one from insects. Designed to cater to children from birth up to 36 months or a maximum weight of 15kg, this travel cot boasts two lockable wheels, allowing for easy mobility around your home.

Here are the highlights of the Mamakiddies Mimi Travel Cot’s amazing features:

  • 3-in-1 Travel Cot
  • Quick Setup & Fold-up
  • Two Wheels for Mobility
  • 2 Level Weight Capacity
  • Suitable from Birth to 36 Months
  • Lockable Wheels for Stability
  • Essential Accessories Included: Basic Mattress, Mosquito Net, Changing Diaper Bed, Carrying Bag, Removable Bassinet

11. OSUKI Baby Cot + Bedding Bump Set 5 in 1 + Mosquito Net

Crafted from high-quality natural wood, it is naturally and eco-friendly made, providing a firm, reliable, and noise-free experience when pushing the baby cradle. The breathable wooden bed, with a rounded craft design and no sharp edges, guarantees a safe and hypoallergenic environment for your baby. Versatility is key, as this cot effortlessly converts into a baby game bed, or study table, and even offers an optional rocking function for added soothing.

Equipped with wheels and a lock, it provides ease of mobility and stability as needed. The OSUKI Baby Cot comes with a bedding bump set (5 in 1) and an adjustable bedrail, ensuring optimal head and body support. The included anti-spites offer further security, while the environmental ventilation enhances your baby’s comfort. Lightweight and easy to transport, this cot is perfect for newborns and grows alongside your child up to 5 years old.

Here are the highlights of the OSUKI Baby Cot + Bedding Bump Set 5 in 1 + Mosquito Net’s amazing features:

  • 5-in-1 Baby Cot
  • Large Play Space
  • Eco-Friendly Wood
  • Breathable Bed
  • Rounded Craft Design
  • Hypoallergenic & Safe
  • Adjustable Bedrail
  • Convertible to Study Table
  • Optional Rocking Function
  • Wheels with Lock
  • Equipped with Anti-Spites
  • Suitable from Newborn to 5 Years
  • Baby Nursing Style

12. SOKANO HA222 Baby Cot

Crafted with care, this baby cot ensures a comfortable and secure environment for your baby’s early years. Safety is paramount, and the cot is equipped with ultra-silent wheels with brakes, allowing for smooth mobility and secure positioning. A baby safety lock further ensures accident prevention. Designed for convenience, the cot comes with a mosquito net worth RM20, protecting your baby from insects. The wheels can be adjusted upward to transform the cot into a cradle, providing soothing motion for your little one.

Fostering a strong parent-child bond, the fence can be opened sideways to connect the cot to the parents’ bed, allowing for close monitoring and care. Crafted from New Zealand imported natural easel wood, this cot ensures durability and sustainability. The paintless design and absence of toxic substances guarantee a safe and eco-friendly sleep environment for your baby.

Here are the highlights of the SOKANO HA222 Baby Cot’s amazing features:

  • Newborn to 3 Years
  • Mosquito Net Included
  • Adjustable Wheels & Cradle
  • Ultra-Silent Wheels with Brakes
  • Baby Safety Lock
  • Connects to Parents’ Bed
  • New Zealand Easel Wood
  • Paintless & Non-Toxic


Finding the best baby cot is essential for providing a safe and comfortable haven for our little ones to rest and grow. Throughout our exploration of the best baby cots in Malaysia, we’ve encountered a range of impressive options that cater to various needs and preferences.

From multi-functional designs that adapt to every stage of your baby’s development to eco-friendly and non-toxic materials ensuring a secure sleeping environment, these baby cots offer exceptional features that prioritise both safety and comfort. Parents can choose from a variety of styles, including sleek and modern designs or classic and traditional options, each crafted with meticulous care and quality materials.

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