8 Amazingly Modern and Minimalist Bedroom Styles for a Relaxing Sanctuary

by Candyse

Our bedrooms are somewhere that we retreat to when we want to find some peace and quiet for relaxation so naturally, it should be cosy and comfy. Contemporary and minimalist styles do away with unnecessary clutter in the room and makes it look especially sleek and understated as well. Get ready to transform your room with these awesome examples.

1. Dramatic Rug

As with most modern styles, this bedroom uses a black and white palette that simply spells out drama even with neutral colours. You can make it even more interesting by adding a rug that has a few muted colours to soften the stark neutrals.


2. Understated Brown Bedroom

Minimalistic and modern designs don’t have to rely on just black and white colours to look good. In fact, you can think out of the box and use natural colours such as brown which makes the room look especially warm and inviting.


3. Tranquil Bedroom

You can liven up the bedroom with a few subtle neutral colours such as a light grey and even put some green plants in your home to literally give it a breath of fresh air. The low hanging pendant lights also add great visual interest in the room.


4. Splash of Colour

Contrary to popular belief, bright colours work well in minimalistic bedrooms as long as you use it as sparingly to create contrast. The vibrant red wall art matches perfectly well with the orange striped bedding in this airy room.


5. Textural Contrast Bedroom

Modern and minimalistic styles are often mistaken to be boring and stark but actually you can add so much character to it by playing around with the textures while still keeping it simple. This cosy room has many different soft furnishings to really make it look comfy.


6. All White Bedroom

Play around with the many different shades of white to create a truly exceptional minimalistic and modern bedroom that looks luxurious and classy. Not only does it look sleek and clean, the various shades make it look brighter.


7. Chic Bedroom

In this sleek room with its crisp lines it is the the perfect embodiment of a modern and minimalistic bedroom but when you add some character with the rugged looking wall, it looks even more awesome. Keep the rest of the decor sharp and clean to balance it out.


8. Classic Minimalist Bedroom

This bedroom is decked out in contemporary furnishings in the classic monochrome palette that is favoured by so many modern bedrooms. However, things are kept from being too bland with the gorgeous bed and gleaming pendant light.


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