10 Best Cordless Snow Blower For Your Home

by Nicholas Chew

Most individuals love when it snows. However, the heaps of frost after a heavy snowfall are something no one can adore. You may end up canceling your plans or even get late for the office when ice is all over your driveway. However, technology has solutions for everything; hence, we bring you the snow blower. Its cordless setup can clear ice up to several inches in minimum duration. You can operate it smoothly without any accidental risks. An ergonomic handle, steel auger, flexible chute, and easy gliding wheels are some features that add to your convenience.

So don’t wait long and choose your day saver for the winter seasons. We have listed our top 10 picks to make your purchase easier.

Why Choose Cordless Snow Blowers Over Standard Snow Blowers?

Let us present a few general benefits of using cordless blowers to remove snow over standard gas models.


An electric snow blower can cost you more than a gas blower. However, you’d be spending much less than the oil costs that go into the gas model. Such devices also require frequent engine maintenance, which adds more to the charges.

Ease of Use

The snow-removing machine that operates on gas requires more effort to run than an electric model. You can quickly turn on the cordless snow blowers with a simple push button. Moving it around is also not difficult, thanks to its lighter weight. The best part is that even older people can handle its functioning effectively, unlike gas blowers which are hard to tackle.


Gas snow blowers cause heavy noises as you clear frost. It can present as an uncomfortable experience while contributing to noise pollution. On the other hand, we have a smooth motor of cordless snow blowers that produce no noise while removing the snow effectively.

Reviewing 10 Best Cordless Snow Blowers Of 2022

1.   Snapper Snow Blower

The Snapper Snow Blower is one dynamic appliance to remove snow posing an obstacle in your way. It can smoothly clear the frost up to several inches in width and depth. This machine kickstarts the snow-clearing session with a single push button. It saves a lot of time as you don’t have to spend several minutes preparing the device to start its work. Add our top pick to your shopping cart now to experience quick, effective, and straightforward elimination of snow outdoors.

Here are essential features that make this blower a top-notch technology to make your life easier.

  • A single-stage structure that cuts frost quickly and effectively
  • Two bright lights support enhanced visuality as you operate the machine in the evenings or nights
  • Can clear snow up to 20 inches of width and 10 inches of depth in a single run
  • A flexible throwing chute that rotates up to 180 degrees to remove snow swiftly
  • Encloses robust lithium-ion battery providing a  minimum run time of at least an hour

2.   Snow Joe 18-Inch Snow Blower

A massive pile of frost outdoors can make your life difficult. Bring home the Snow Joe Snow Blower to eliminate this nuisance whenever the sky throws snowflakes in bulk. Its advanced technology can remove several heaps of snow at once. Thanks to LED flash, you can even operate it during late hours. No professional guidance is needed to handle this easy-to-use snow-eliminating machine.

Let us discuss a few features that can compel you to invest in this frost remover.

  • Heavy duty motor with a capacity of 1200 watts can remove huge snow masses rapidly
  • A steel auger can carry away snow from an area of 18 inches in width and 10 inches in depth singlehandedly
  • Lightweight, so anyone, from the elderly to women, can use it
  • Comes with two 24 volts lithium batteries ensuring the additional running duration

3.   EGO Power+ Snow Blower

The EGO Power+ Snow Blower is just what you need this winter season to fight off the frost. Thanks to a high-powered engine, this anti-snow equipment completes the task quickly. Through this machine, you can clear a driveway from snow for up to 12 cars at once. A battery with a running limit of 80 minutes enhances this machine’s functional effectivity to the maximum. Get your hands on this appliance now and quickly eliminate all the snowy outdoor obstacles.

Look at a few aspects that made us pick this blower for your convenience.

  • Body made from durable materials guarantee long-term use even in extreme conditions
  • Folding handle for convenient storage
  • Noise-friendly
  • A lithium battery of 56 volts supports prolonged runtime while requiring a lesser charge duration
  • Steel-built auger breaks down the heaviest piles of snow in seconds
  • The ergonomic chute can throw off snow up to 40 feet

4.   PowerSmart 24-Inch Snow Blower

The rugged PowerSmart Snow Blower is all you need this frosty season. A high-power battery, robust auger, and flexible chute let you clear out the snow from any space most effectively. Say goodbye to suffocating gas fumes by putting this cordless snow remover on your shopping list. The sturdy auger can remove 8 inches of frost in a single cycle, allowing at least 18 cars to move swiftly.

Read the below features to get more details on how this smart blower can benefit you.

  • Easy to operate; starts clearing snow on pressing a single push button
  • Comfortable drive system for better portability
  • Glowing LED light for safe processing
  • The auger can dig up to 20 inches deep; it also has the potential to carry snow from a 24 inches wide area right away
  • Two years of warranty
  • Lifetime technical support

5.   Snow Joe 13-Inch Snow Blower

Snow Joe is a famous brand for delivering top-notch tools to make your life easier on snowy days. This 13-inch Snow Joe Blower offers sleek functionality for conveniently clearing mild snow heaps. You can operate it anywhere, from pavements to decks, and observe a clear path in no time. The lighter weight and mounted handle make it a gender and age-neutral tool. Also, you wouldn’t have to deal with heavy noises while performing the snow removal.

We have enlisted some of the vital features of this 13-inch blower below.

  • All the wires are copper-insulated for 100%  safety
  • A 24 volts power unit can readily function for 20+ minutes
  • A robust motor of 400 watts clears more than 1000 lbs of frost after a single full charge
  • Easy to carry as it weighs only 15 pounds
  • Chute has a maximum throwing capacity of 20 feets
  • Shielded auger with two sharp blades for quick cutting of snow

6.   Greenworks 80V Snow Blower

Removing frost piles outdoors is no longer a back-breaking task with the introduction of Greenworks Snow Blower. The electronic motor functions supremely to remove snow from 20 inches pathway. A flexible 180-degree snow thrower can also discharge the frost almost 20 feet away. LED lights are also present to provide extra visibility if you decide to work at night. You can drive it anywhere conveniently as the cordless functioning wouldn’t limit your movement.

Also, consider the below points to know the worth of this exceptional snow clearing tool.

  • Rear wheels of 6 inches provide a smooth drive system
  • 80 volts battery for longer runtime with a charge time of half hour
  • Produces minimum noise
  • Effortless push button start
  • Robust auger capable of removing deep snow of up to 10 inches
  • An adjustable chute makes it easier to get rid of collected snow

7.   PowerSmart 18-Inch Snow Blower

High safety features accompany the PowerSmart Snow Blower of 18 inches for a secure snow-clearing process. An all-purpose motor can remove frosted heaps from any space, including sidewalks, driveways, patios, and more. This snow blower demands no extraordinary maintenance sessions. Lithium-ion battery even eliminates the need for filling gas or oil. Picking this wireless frost discharger is a good decision for its ultra-convenient function.

A few essential qualities to list are:

  • Top-notch safety that automatically turns off the appliance when hands are removed from the handle
  • Easy to use
  • Can clear snow deposits of higher heights of up to 11 inches
  • The throwing shaft propels the frost 25 feet away
  • 40 volts battery with prolonged runtime
  • Rubberized auger for quick cutting and transfer of ice piles

8.   Voltask Snow Blower

It’s time to outplay mother nature by getting home the Voltask Snow Blower. Removing frost outdoors after a heavy snowfall was difficult until this technology came into action. This appliance is convenient, beginning with a simple push-button operation. The cordless functioning makes it an ideal choice when snow accumulates away from the power source. An effective drill can clean up to 11 inches of height and 6 inches of width.

Read on to learn some more details about this sturdy snow thrower.

  • Preparing this blower requires no complicated assembling tasks
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Ergonomic handle as you are free to adjust its height and angle as per your comfort
  • The company offers three years of free servicing
  • Throws away 350 lbs of snow in a single minute up to a distance of 16.5 feet. Its adjustable structure prevents clogging

9.   Snow Joe 15-Amp Snow Blower

The Winter season means lots of snow in your backyard. Get your hands on Snow Joe’s Snow Blower to have clear outdoors without struggling much. Thanks to easy gliding wheels, moving this machine to longer distances is no more a hefty work. A steel drill with four highly sharp blades can simultaneously cut and transfer snow to an adjustable chute. Then throwing off the snow from the machine is also more accessible as a 180-degree shaft performs the task.

A few features to note are:

  • Multi-purpose use for all sizes of the walk and driveways
  • A 15-ampere motor that can clear up to 700 plus lbs of snow in one minute
  • Bladed auger that goes 10 inches down and 18 inches wide to cut frost
  • A rotating chute that you can angle conveniently to throw snow at a distance of 25 feet
  • Easy to assemble and maneuver

10. Greenworks 40V Snow Blower

Excellent torque, effective motor, and robust auger are some excellent attributes of the Greenworks 40V Snow Blower. This wireless blower weighs nearly 33 pounds which adds to maximum convenience. The high-power battery wouldn’t disappoint you in mid of clearing snow. This machine’s flexible chute can discharge snow as far as 20 feet. Don’t wait for the sun to show up; you can efficiently operate this blower at night with the help of LED lights.

There are some more features that you must know about this device.

  • Goes 8 inches deep and 20 inches wide to eliminate massive snow deposits
  • Folding handles for compact storage
  • Environmental-friendly as there is no use of gas and oil
  • A single full charge can do a satisfactory job due to the lithium-ion battery
  • It feels lighter to push with easily-moving wheels and mounted handles
  • Anti-noise pollution

Wrapping Up

Winters bring joy, but too much snow can spoil your mood. However, don’t worry, as snow blowers can save your day. Move them around quickly and remove frost heaps from your backyards, driveways, patios, and more areas in a few minutes. It’s high time you make an intelligent choice and try one of our 10 top picks for the best snow blowers.

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