6 Effective Natural Mosquito Repellents That Are Also Kind To Skin!

by Adeline

Mosquitoes have been around since the age of dinosaurs. The bites from these tiny vampires cause lots of itchiness, uncomfortableness and are also carriers for diseases. In a nutshell, they are nothing good although they are a part of nature. Many have resorted to using natural mosquito repellents but which one works the best? While results may vary, the suggestions below have worked for some households!

1. Cut lemon with cloves

This is a trick I learnt from a preschool teacher and it seemed to work. Mosquitoes apparently hate the smell of citrus. Cut lemons in half and push cloves into it. Place the cut lemons with cloves at the corners of the house where mosquitoes seem to frequent and watch them annoy another home. Also, make it a nice decor by placing the lemons in a nice bowl 😉

2. Camphor with water

Add two tablets of camphor into a quarter cup of warm water to create your instant natural mosquito repellents.

3. Mix your own herb sprays

All you need are herbs like basil, water and vodka. Boil the herbs in water and then strain it. Make sure to squeeze all the water from the herb. Pour the water into a spray bottle and mix with vodka (half the quantity of water). Give it a shake and it’ll be ready to use.

4. Essential oils

While many essential oils are said to work, I personally think only tea tree oil/ citronella works the best as compared to the popular recommendations such as lavender, geranium, lemongrass, rosemary and peppermint. Tea tree oil can also be applied to mosquito bites to relieve itches and to get rid of mosquito bites.

Another essential oil to try is catnip. According to a study done by Iowa State University, catnip essential oil is 10 times more effective than DEET in repelling mosquitoes.

5. Plants that mosquitoes hate

Apparently, plants that can get cats high repels mosquitoes very well. Mosquitoes don’t like the smell of lemongrass, marigold and scented geraniums. Herbs like rosemary and basil repel mosquitoes too.

6. Grow mosquito killers

If you attract lots of mosquitoes wherever you go, plants such as Venus Flytrap, Pitcher plant, Butterwort and Dutchman’s Pipe will be your close companions.

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