10 Best Small and Mini Chainsaws

by Nicholas Chew

Fall is coming. You are probably worried about cutting down dry tree branches and bushes in your backyard, right? You can carry out the task using an axe. All your time and energy will be drained, though. So a way out to this problem is to keep a chainsaw at your home. It is the easiest and fastest alternative to all of your woodworking needs. Using a chainsaw, you may quickly remove large tree branches that are blocking your path to view the beautiful landscape around your home.

Why Small and Mini Chainsaw Instead of Big Chainsaw?

Using a chainsaw is all cool, but a big, bulky chainsaw may hinder your efficiency. Firstly, you’ll have to handle it using both hands. Secondly, a big chainsaw produces more vibrations and may cause you to lose your balance. Therefore, a large chainsaw is not suitable for being used by elderly people and women. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, a mini chainsaw can prove to be the game changer in all of your woodworking projects. Both the young and the elderly can use it alike. A small chainsaw is easy to maneuver, allowing the one-hand application for the user. Moreover, less noise and fewer vibrations from it ensure your work goes smoothly.

To help you buy this crucial piece of equipment, we’ve been looking for some of the best small and mini chainsaws out there. Here are the 10 small and mini chainsaws that we found perfect for your use at home:

  1. Taranzy Mini Chainsaw
  2. RLSOO Mini Chainsaw
  3. SEYVUM Mini Chainsaw
  4. DINSHARE Mini Chainsaw
  5. Foonsen Mini Chainsaw
  6. WORKPRO Mini Chainsaw
  7. IMOUMLIVE Mini Chainsaw
  8. SENDRY Mini Chainsaw from DIKAKO
  9. BEI & HONG Mini Chainsaw
  10. SeeSii Cordless Chainsaw

1. Taranzy Mini Chainsaw

Taranzy is a small business with great potential. Its mini chainsaws are one of a kind. These are sold in bulk around the world. The Taranzy mini chainsaw is all that you need for your daily cutting tasks. From pruning trees to improving your home, this piece of gear can be employed to do every job pretty neatly.

It is a small cordless chainsaw that is super lightweight and comes with a 6-inch chain. Here are features of Taranzy’s chainsaw that are worth mentioning:

  • Only 2.57 lbs in weight: easy to use and can be maneuvered with one hand
  • Compact design
  • A high-speed chain that works at 19.2 ft/s
  • Energy efficient
  • The rotatable protective baffle on the upper side is designed to prevent dust and sparks
  • Thermoplastic rubber handle: handy and ergonomic
  • Pure copper motor
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Comes with double batteries and multiple accessories like safety goggles, safety gloves, a screwdriver, an extra chain, etc.
  • Comes in a sturdy and easy-to-carry box

2. RLSOO Mini Chainsaw

RLSOO serves its customers through home and kitchen appliances. These mainly include cordless chainsaws, light hair removal devices, and heat press machines. The Mini Chainsaw from RLSOO is a no-regret upgrade to your equipment storage.

This 24V rechargeable, battery-powered chainsaw can be used by the young and old equally. It is easy to use and can be operated with one hand. This small chainsaw can be used for a wide range of applications, like pruning trees and logging.

Some distinguishing features of this mini chainsaw are:

  • High-quality alloy chain for labor-saving and time-saving cutting
  • Multiple protection systems to ensure user safety, like safety bezel, safety lock button, switch button, etc.
  • Built-in LED lights for use in darker places
  • Handheld design
  • Portable and easy to carry outdoors
  • Easy to install
  • A thermal effective design to ensure better heat dissipation
  • Two batteries ensure more application time
  • Friendly service

3. SEYVUM Mini Chainsaw

SEYVUM is a multinational company that researches, develops, and sells lithium-ion power tools. Established in 2006, the company is dedicated to making equipment that makes it easy for people to create masterpieces and do useful work.

The SEYVUM 6-inch cordless mini chainsaw needs no tools for installation. It is designed to be used by both professionals and novices. Its in-built chain tensioning system and bar tightening knob allow you to use it anywhere, anytime.

Here’s what you need to know about the SEYVUM mini chainsaw:

  • Tool-free chain tensioning and installation
  • Multiple features for user protection
  • Ventilated design for better heat dissipation
  • German-made high-hardness guide chain
  • Ergonomic and handy design
  • High-efficiency 750W pure copper motor that provides more power
  • 26.2 feet/s high chain speed: cuts a branch in the blink of an eye
  • Dual rechargeable batteries of 2.0Ah

4. DINSHARE Mini Chainsaw

DINSHARE is a manufacturer of household appliances. The company was established in 2012 and has been working to assist its customers with their home maintenance projects up to now.

The DINSHARE mini chainsaw is designed to provide high security during use. Its low power consumption and high durability make it an ideal power tool for every DIYer.

Here are the specifications of this product that you must know:

  • High cutting speed, up to 5 revolutions per second
  • Corrosion and wear resistant guide plate of the highest quality
  • Can cut different types of materials
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Double safety: 90° baffle and safety lock
  • Handheld, lightweight, and portable design
  • Only 1.98 lbs weight
  • 20 V long-lasting battery
  • Easy to install: an installation guide also comes along with it

5. Foonsen Mini Chainsaw

Foonsen is a sub-brand of Enegon electronics. The company provides its customers with high-quality equipment at reasonable prices. Foonsen ensures complete user satisfaction through its best service.

The Foonsen mini chainsaw is a small cordless chainsaw featuring a 4-inch chain with a handheld design. This small chainsaw is an all-rounder piece of equipment for your cutting needs.

Some features which make it one of the best power tools are:

  • Extremely fast cutting: can cut wood of 6-inch diameter in just 10 seconds
  • Powerful copper motor with a high speed of 15000 rpm: needs less power from your hand
  • One-hand design makes it convenient to use
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Applicable to different situations
  • Safe application
  • Ergonomic design
  • Running time of 30-40 minutes per charge
  • LED light for more accuracy

6. WORKPRO Mini Chainsaw

Power tool manufacturer WORKPRO has 25 years of experience in the market. The company has adhered to its commitment to provide high-quality equipment to its consumers. The tools made by WORKPRO are some of the most reliable ones available. Its wide range of products and reasonably priced rates encourage customers to take on home improvement tasks with confidence.

The mini chainsaw from WORKPRO is an electric cordless chainsaw that comes with two batteries. Although designed especially for garden pruning, it can be used for different cutting tasks.

This small chainsaw features several interesting specs, some of which are:

  • Tool-free installation
  • Hand-free chain tensioning
  • Appropriate for one-hand operation due to its lightweight body
  • 16.4 ft/s high chain speed
  • 6 inches long low kickback bar: can cut wide tree logs easily
  • 100° rotatable protective baffle
  • Dual safety locks for better protection
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Weighs only 3.2 lbs: less fatigue while working
  • Rubberized grippy handles

7. IMOUMLIVE Mini Chainsaw

IMOUMLIVE is a developer and distributor of high-quality power tools. The aim of this brand is to replace all traditional heavy power tools with those that are lightweight and easy to carry. Just like other tools from the brand, the mini chainsaw from IMOUMLIVE is just the weight you need to maneuver easily.

The IMOUMLIVE mini chainsaw is produced using the most sturdy and compact material. Its brushless motor allows you to cut almost everything with little effort and little noise.

A few important features of this cordless chainsaw are:

  • Easy lubrication for more longevity
  • Long lasting 21 V battery system and a battery indicator
  • Operable with one hand
  • Multiple safety systems: safety lock, safety switch, protective baffle, etc.
  • Ergonomic and suitable for use by the old
  • High-quality trigger
  • Brushless motor that solves the problem of overheating
  • A perfect gift for every DIYer

8. SENDRY Mini Chainsaw from DIKAKO

DIKAKO manufactures and sells a wide range of products in the sports and outdoors category. These mainly include sports reaction balls, power tools, manual back massagers, and kids’ baking tools.

If you’re seeking the best chainsaw brand, DIKAKO might be the best match for you. This 6-inch mini cordless chainsaw is powerful enough to carry out large cutting applications. It’s got a small and compact body, which is lightweight and easy to hold.

Here are some ins and outs of this chainsaw:

  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery (21V and 7500mAh) that is protected from overheating and overcharging
  • 5 m/s high chain speed
  • Ergonomic rubberized handle for slip resistance and easy handling
  • Safe application: has a safety lock button
  • Easy to install and use
  • Powerful brushless motor for high cutting efficiency
  • The effective heat dissipation system
  • High hardness durable chain
  • Anti-splash and protective baffle that is rotatable up to 90°

9. BEI & HONG Mini Chainsaw

BEI & HONG is a primary manufacturer of lithium-ion power tools. The best of the best are their lithium-ion mini chainsaws.

Whether it be simple wood cutting or large tree trimming, the mini chainsaw from BEI & HONG always comes in handy. It is a small, cordless, handheld chainsaw with a 6-inch chain and 2 batteries. Being highly efficient in cutting, it may cut a 6-inch thick wood log in only 4 seconds.

Here are the specifications of this chainsaw:

  • Large battery capacity: double lithium-ion battery packs, each of 21V and 3000mAh charge capacity
  • Weighing only 0.75 kg, it can be used only with one hand
  • Easy to use: both the elderly and women can use it for different cutting purposes
  • High-efficiency copper motor that provides greater power
  • Safe to use: features a switch lock, a protective baffle, and comes with a pair of safety goggles and safety gloves
  • Anti-slip handle
  • German made high-hardness chain
  • Multiple accessories also come in the box

10. SeeSii Cordless Chainsaw

SeeSii is a Japanese company that manufactures gardening tools, home appliances, and power tools. Its electric chainsaws are way lighter than gasoline saws. They work faster than all reciprocating saws and are more portable as compared to wired chainsaws.

The Seesii 6-inch small cordless chainsaw is a perfect tool for all of your woodworking projects. You can use it to cut wood, clip tree branches, clean up thorny bushes, and perform other tasks that could possibly arise in a typical household.

Some features of Seesii’s mini cordless chainsaw are:

  • One-hand application: lightweight, small and compact body with ergonomic and grippy handles
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy to maintain with an auto lubrication system
  • Noise effective
  • Long lasting batteries
  • Friendly accessories that come with the chainsaw
  • Excellent customer service

Wrapping Up

Having a small chainsaw will come in handy in the upcoming winter to help you cut some wood for your fireplace. It’ll be safe and easier for you to handle. You can accomplish your daily cutting tasks easily using one.

So, do you want to make this fall season a bit easier for pruning bushes in your yard? Try one of our 10 top picks for the best small and mini chainsaws.

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