This Beautiful House Offers Breathtaking View of Lush Greenery With Amazing Spiral Staircase and Hanging Bridge

by Nicholas Chew

Located in the bustling township of Trảng Bom in Vietnam, is a compact, three-story home sandwiched between two residences.

The main theme of the house – greenery, juxtaposed with balconies and the sinuous weaves of spiral staircases – is evident from the main facade itself.

White concrete slats grace the roof of the recessed envelope, letting in ample light and fresh air into the atrium inside.

Project: House With Green Bridge
Designer: Story Architecture
Location: Vietnam

The Concept:

A scintillating play of light and shadow offers a treat for the eyes, thanks to the unique roof.

The home’s spatial configuration has been centered around this central atrium to welcome natural light and fresh air.

A grand bifurcated staircase that features the beauty of white terrazzo with its floating risers, is the highlight of the triple-height informal living room.

The wide, arched steps of the bottom flight can be used as seating in addition to the two ebony armchairs opposite.

A gray accent wall with semi-polished tiles offers the perfect backdrop for the sparkling white stairs.

Plants hang down from the railing, giving the illusion that they’re floating above the dry rock garden below, creating a beautiful, serene environment when paired with the towering tree.

The oak wood flooring then flows into a kitchen, dining area, and a formal living room, where the volumetric dimensions have been tweaked to create a cozy ambiance.

A darker color palette of exposed wood has been selected for the dining space and the kitchen cabinets, in contrast to the brightness of the living room.

The kitchen, in between the informal living and dining areas, borrows influences from both the spaces, with its warm wooden cabinets and stark white countertops.

Creepers hang down from the indoor balcony above, adding a splash of viridescent hues to the space.

The home can be construed as a maze of sorts – the bifurcated staircase gives way to an electric blue spiral staircase that leads to a viewing gallery, on the second floor.

Both the first and second floors have long indoor balconies where the residents can take in the dynamic play of light and shadow.

Desks and benches have been placed peering over the atrium, to make ample use of the narrow space.

The electric blue railing of the second floor’s balcony, which leads into the terrace, has been shaped like a wave. It wonderfully compliments the otherwise neutral color palette, while imparting an infectious gaiety to the home.

The spacious master bedroom on the first floor has a cozy, yet luxurious ambiance courtesy of its dark brown hardwood floors, wooden furniture, and black textured paint with white marbling that frames the bedpost.

On one side, it opens up to a balcony from where sweeping views of the town can be enjoyed and on the other, a visual connection has been established with the indoor atrium.

The House With Green Trees, as it’s aptly named, is a symphony of rich materials, colors, and textures that are highlighted by natural light and a play of shadow.

Its warm, homely ambiance touches the soul and is a welcome respite from mundane, cramped structures.

All images are taken from Story Architecture unless otherwise stated.

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