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Your house should be your sanctuary and if you live in a busy city, it’s imperative that this abode should be your oasis in the city. Casa Picasso by Workshop Architects is located at Merida’s historic downtown district in Mexico and is a fine example of this. It measures 145 square metres and is meant to be a vacation home. It consists of two bedrooms and every square inch of space is utilised.


From the outside, it looks unassuming and rather bland but entering the home, you will find that it is beautifully and tastefully decorated with regional materials and textures typically found in the Yucatan Peninsula provide a sense of identity. Light colours are used to transform the holiday home to make it look more spacious. Flowering plants and natural wood accents give an inviting vibe to the home.

Interior Area:



When you enter Casa Picasso, the first thing you’ll notice is the living room and the double-height staircase that accesses the master bedroom. The master bedroom has an ensuite and a small terrace that looks down to the pool. It is well-ventilated due to the high ceilings and there is a pretty little garden that is integrated between the shower and vanity area. The awkward space under the staircase has been used as a tiny library along with a comfy bench. Another eye-catching painting of the Mexican artist David Serrano graces the wall here.


The cheery kitchen and dining area boasts everything you need to whip up a good meal and the gorgeous pasta tiles are used as a backsplash here. The outdoor-indoor relationship is one of the main features of the house where the design team sought to blur the lines between the boundaries. At the back of the property, a wooden deck floats over the pool while a vivid hammock swings there for the residents’ pleasure.

Colourful handmade pasta tiles, beautiful art pieces and bright furnishings breathe life into an otherwise clinically sterile home. One of the most striking pieces of artwork is one from the famous artist, Pablo Picasso, which is displayed in the master bedroom. This painting is also the inspiration for the name of the house.

All images taken from Workshop Architects unless otherwise stated.

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