This Beautiful Bungalow Has Perforated Metal Mesh Screen That Is Simply Attention-Grabbing | Faber House by ONG&ONG

by Candyse

In a premium neighbourhood located in western Singapore, Faber House by ONG&ONG blends in perfectly with the surrounding bungalows while managing to hold its own. This unique residence, Faber House by ONG&ONG was designed with the brief that their clients wanted to put their friends and family first so a garden and lap pool was introduced for more potential to invite people over.

Exterior Area: (Faber House by ONG&ONG)

The house is undeniably elegant, with several bold touches to make it look distinctive. The architects decided to feature two rectangular volumes stacked atop one another as the core of the home. The entrance foyer greets you with a sand-coloured wood panel façade with a timber motif; and a stone-line driveway that leads to the dramatic living area. There are retractable glass windows inside the house which can be manipulated according to the owner’s fancy and for maximum airflow.

Interior Area:

Another eye-catching feature in Faber-House is probably the perforated metal mesh screen that encases the second storey. This makes the house seem more private as it blocks the home from the prying eyes on the outside. This attention-grabbing screen is emblazoned with a lush, tree-lined forest which throws lights and shadows around in a creative pattern during the day.

The kitchen is hidden behind some artistic timber panels which are decorated with dark stone finishing; and tiles complemented by premium kitchen facilities. To access the other floors, you need to step on this stunning sculptural staircase made of folded black sheet metal; but guests are kept away from the private areas at the top reserved for the family.

The landing area features a gorgeous Zen-inspired rock garden; while in the basement, guests can enjoy a state of the art entertainment system including a bomb shelter; and wine cellar that might just tempt them into staying there forever. For the upper floors, the bedrooms are plush and roomy with their own walk-in wardrobe; so the residents have plenty of space. There are also green plants in the master bedroom to inject some freshness into the home.

All images are taken from Ong & Ong’s website unless otherwise stated.

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