Semi-Detached House Has 2 Courtyards with a Gorgeous Frangipani Tree & Plenty of Greenery Inside

by Candyse

In this tiny island country with a booming economy known as Singapore, the Greenbank Park makes a truly beautiful sight with its stylish facade which promises an awesome interior. This semi-detached house is designed by Hyla Architects and has a courtyard on two levels of the house, making it a focal point of the residence.

The courtyard is located in the centre of the house and on the first level, a beautiful frangipani tree sitting in the middle of a pond draws your attention to it. It looks like a live picture as it is framed by glass and timber, adding some nature inside the home. The dining room and living room here looks especially spacious, as it is double volume and the high ceilings allow more light to stream in.

Moving on further up, you can see the courtyard continues on the second level which is located over the dining area and in front of the master bedroom. A few other slim trees decorate this interior courtyard which is protected by a full-height glass screen and offers a pretty view as you exit the bedroom. There are also similar trees lining the sides of the house, which adds a refreshing touch to the home.

In fact, you can see that greenery is important in Greenbank Park, as the designers took the chance to incorporate green plants whenever they could. In one of the bathrooms, you can see that they have placed plants inside for a very zen-like atmosphere which meshes well with the modern and minimalistic feel of the home.

The whole house utilises a pretty basic modern look with a very neutral colour palette that simply screams sophistication. Dark colours are offset with white and wooden elements warm up the home to make it feel more welcoming. Everything else is very contemporary and the genius of adding the courtyard in the home ensures that the residents have more privacy as well as making sure more light enters the home to make it airier.

All images from Hyla Architects’ website unless otherwise stated.

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