Dark and Gloomy House Becomes Modern and Airy with The Addition of an Eye-Catching “Wedge” at the Back

by Candyse

Sometimes, all a house needs to become a comfortable, welcoming home is the right architects to help it meet its potential. Enter House Flower, created by Berresford Architecture, who breathed new life into a dark and gloomy double brick home.

Located in Como, Australia, the owners decided that they wanted to update the house and make it look more modern. To fulfil this brief, the team decided to reinvent the solidly built house that originated in the 1970s.

Project: House Flower
Designer: Berresford Architecture
Location: Australia

The Concept:

In order to make the home look more refreshing, the team opened up the house by adding a minimal wedge at the back that brightens up the home and allows air and light to enter.

Shaded by a Jacaranda tree, the addition has beautiful cedar shingles inspired by the original brick of the house, that complements the existing structure.

The wedge is not large but uses full-height glass that allows the energetic family to enjoy the beautiful views of the lush greenery outside.

This new addition is tucked away, so from the street, the facade looks untouched. This wedge houses the new kitchen and doubles the living space’s size, ensuring that the family can connect with each other well.

A double brick arch which is part of the original design was reconstructed to connect the new space with the old area, successfully marrying the old with the new.

The different types of windows on the east side of the house are separated by a band, allowing the residents to feel like they are in a stunning nature-filled landscape that changes when you walk around.

Interior Design:

The interior and exterior of the house use a predominantly white palette that is grounded by the timber floor that making it look less clinical and boring.

Various potted plants are strategically placed inside the house to bring nature in. The stark white walls and ceiling contrast with dark neutrals and snazzy accessories such as pretty wall art and sleek light fittings to keep it from being too plain.

All images are taken from Berresford Architecture unless otherwise stated.

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