Spacious Bungalow Done Industrial Style Incorporates Feng Shui & Vintage Furniture For Unique Look | SS3 House by Seshan Design

by Candyse

In one of the residential suburbs of Petaling Jaya, a new built 4,600 sqft bungalow known as SS3 House by Seshan Design. The owners decided that they wanted to go with a raw, industrial aesthetic for their growing family but in the end, it was mixed with more “finished” elements so that the house would have more character.

Exterior Area: (SS3 House by Seshan Design)

For the exterior, the clients wanted something breathtaking and iconic so fair faced concrete was used for both the double volume living space and the entrance of the house. There is a horizontal screen made of vertical cement board strips on a steel frame that helps to hide unsightly appliances such as the air-conditioning units.

Another beautiful space is the visually cantilevered entertainment block/ lanai on the first floor which overlooked the pool. which was left semi opened for aesthetic purposes. Here, the entertainment space houses a collapsible grill that can be opened up to be a home theatre. Materials such as solid timber, steel and concrete were used based on client demands but the overall effect is a rather more polished industrial look coupled with vintage furniture that looks timeless.

Interior Area:

In addition, the owners already had an eclectic collection of old furniture, lights, artwork and other assortments which they wanted to incorporate into the house and they were into Feng Shui so naturally, the house had to be orientated based on geomancy requirements. The pool and public spaces of the house face east so that the morning sun would illuminate the residence.

The architects are also adept at maximising spaces and making them look especially large and spacious. Hence, the house is made up of plenty of high volumes to allow more light and airflow into the home. It is designed in a very open plan view that enables all the levels of the house to interact visually with one another.

All images taken from Seshan Design’s Facebook page unless otherwise stated.

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