Terasek House in KL Undergoes Dramatic Transformation to Become a Peaceful, Modern Sanctuary in The City | Terasek house by TWO’s Company

by Candyse

Many houses in Malaysia are standard affairs that seem like they come out of the same cookie cutter but this house in Kuala Lumpur was reimagined to be something different that will surely astound your senses. The Terasek house by TWO’s Company was a basic 1980s terrace unit until they got their hands on it and gave it a whole new look.

Exterior Area: (Terasek house by TWO’s Company)

Interior Area:

At first, the house only had three bedrooms and one living room; but after the transformation, it became four bedrooms and three living rooms; as well as a pool that was added to the house as well. If that is not amazing enough, the designers stripped down the house completely to its original frame; so that it can be restored using recycled materials such as steel and wood, ensuring that the look stays picture-perfect.

It’s a really airy and spacious house, thanks partly to the colour palette that is used which is made up of neutral colours. It also has a rather rustic chic look about the house; with vintage and distressed items being used such as the wooden coffee table and simple barn doors for the bedroom.

The industrial look is also heavily at used here with unfinished concrete walls, exposed brick walls and concrete beams; scattered around the living room downstairs and the kitchen area. However, there is a more refined look in the upstairs bedrooms as polished wooden planks are used for the flooring along with minimalistic decor.

There are also secret gardens inside the house that are scattered intermittently; with some of them making their appearance known outside the bedroom balconies; or at the courtyard areas as well as the porch areas. Meanwhile, the loft upstairs is transformed into a vibrant and multi-functional space; where you can sleep, read or just lounge about in a wide open space; but if this doesn’t suit your fancy then you can always take a dip in the small outdoor pool.

All images are taken from TWO’s Company Facebook page unless otherwise stated.

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