Le Mon House by Fabian Tan Architect in Malaysia is Inspired By Traditional Chinese Influences That Looks Simply Jaw-Dropping

by Candyse

Redoing a house can be as simple as just redecorating; or going for a major overhaul such as doing a full renovation. This Le Mon House by Fabian Tan Architect is exactly what happened to a one-and-a-half-storey mid terrace house; that was supposed to be simple; but became into an extensive makeover as the homeowner allowed the designers free rein over the residence.

Exterior Area: (Le Mon House by Fabian Tan Architect)

The Le Mon house which is designed by Fabian Tan Architect is truly a work of art; with lots of intricate details inside that stands out from its neighbours.

It is influenced by traditional Chinese temples and antiques, which can be seen before you even step into the house. That’s because the first thing you see is the red “monster” door which is reminiscent of those you can see in a Chinese temple.

Interior Area:

Inside the house, you will notice that it feels really spacious thanks to the open plan concept on the ground floor; from the front of the house to the back. Parts of the decor is purposely kept to a minimum as the homeowner has an extensive collection of Chinese antiques; and the designers wanted to make sure that they become the focal point of the house.


A palette of grey, white and splashes of red are used in the house while materials such as concrete give it a rather industrial and clean look. Right in the middle of the indoor courtyard, one can see a young tree growing there and complementing the decor, which also livens up the atmosphere.

While the space may have minimal decor, this doesn’t mean that they have neglected security and privacy; as aesthetics are still a firm concern in the home.

Instead of the usual metal security grilles, pretty 3D grill windows are used while layered concrete columns allow natural light and air to circulate without sacrificing privacy.

Once you venture upstairs, you will be surprised to find a secret rooftop garden; and the bedrooms are also decorated in the traditional Chinese style for a comfy and stylish look.

All photos are taken from Fabian Tan unless otherwise stated.

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