Stunning Family Home With Bonding Core Space is Filled with Natural Light & Air

by Candyse

A house that is big and cosy enough to fit a three-generation-family has got to be something special and DD house by Hoang Vu Architect and SALA Landscape & Architecture is exactly that.

Located in a quiet residential area in Vietnam, the house is well-ventilated, to make the most of the surrounding air. This is because the architect wanted to bring a pleasant feeling of space, light, and wind into the house.

Project: DD House
Architect: Hoang Vu Architect and SALA Landscape & Architecture
Location: Vietnam

Exterior Area:

Interior Area:

To get into the inner sanctum, first, you have to pass through a narrow corridor which will lead you into a continuous space along a horizontal and vertical axis of the building core. From here, you can see the private bedrooms that separate the interior and exterior of the house.

To ensure that the place flows naturally, the architect connected the living room, dining room and kitchen with a small extended interval garden as a ventilation corridor. This corridor allows lots of fresh air and sunlight into the whole space.

The dynamic core space is great for family bonding as it enables the family members to congregate there and communicate without disturbing each other. The core space consists of the dining and recreation room as well, where the inhabitants can play and work while surrounded by the green courtyard with huge windows.


The architect designed the bedrooms to be more private; as they are placed further apart and one has to explore the area a little before reaching another bedroom. The stairs and corridors are wide open, enabling lots of light and air to circulate.

The spaces in between the bedrooms are fully utilised; with the addition of a study room on the first floor and on the second floor; they are separated by the altar room, storage and another study room as well.

All images are taken from Hoang Vu Architect and SALA Landscape & Architecture unless otherwise stated.

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