This Semi-Detached House Has A Beautiful Natural Geometric Screen For More Security | Natural Geometry by Hyla Architects

by Candyse

This double-storey semi-detached house, Natural Geometry by Hyla Architects is slightly different from the ones you normally see as it has an attic and the facade; is one of the things that capture your attention. This is largely due to the designers’ vision, who transformed a mere house in Singapore; into a beautiful home that truly stands out from its neighbours.

Exterior Area: (Natural Geometry by Hyla Architects)

Interior Area:

It is aptly dubbed Natural Geometry and the name is actually derived from the geometric screen that is inspired by nature. This screen can be seen at both the upper and lower floors and at first glance, it looks like some bamboo trees interspersed with some geometric designs. It not only provides functionality by shielding the owners and giving them additional privacy but looks really pretty too.

The western-facing house has a two-storey outdoor covered space with a pond and timber deck where one can entertain guests or just chill out after a long day. This outdoor space is located between the screen and the house which helps bring some refreshing nature into the home. Moving further in, you can see the living, dining and dry kitchen which flow seamlessly together.

Head on upstairs to the cosy bedrooms and the family room which is just beyond the glass and wood staircase. Here, the divider is a tall TV shelf with the necessary electronics to relax and enjoy a good movie. One of the most interesting features in this house is the bathroom inside the master bedroom, which cantilevers dramatically into the outdoor space. It also has a sunken bath where the owners can have a good soak.

Finally, at the top of the house is the attic which is made into a big bedroom; which has a beautiful bathroom as well that utilizes cantilevered elements inside. This can be seen by the shelf, sink, mirror and light that is designed using these elements as well.

All images are taken from Hyla Architects’ website unless otherwise stated.

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